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What Happens If You Leave Vape Juice In The Heat?

Published 26 August 2022, Updated 10 April 2024

What Happens If You Leave Vape Juice In The Heat?

What Happens If You Leave Vape Juice In The Heat?

You should avoid letting your vape juice heat up at all costs. Heat will damage your e-liquid as it can split the individual ingredients of your e-liquid up at a molecular level changing the way it tastes and looks.

If your e liquids have been left out in the sun for an extended period, they have most likely lost their efficacy. While the liquid itself may not become toxic and is unlikely to pose a health risk, it will not be a pleasant puffing experience after that. 

The estimated use date to last is two years when it is manufactured. This is because of the ageing process of the components that are in the juice: propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG). Both compounds are prone to ageing, which will be accelerated when exposed to higher temperatures.

As a result, the taste, texture and nicotine levels are affected. Most would report a weird taste or the vape juice having no taste. Furthermore, insoluble sediments might start forming at the bottle's base. Last but not least, puffing such vape juice will no longer give you the same kick as previously due to nicotine reduction.

So, if you ever land yourself in this situation, let it be a reminder that vape juice cannot be left out in the sun, and greater caution should be exercised for your next bottle.

Does Vape Juice Go Bad In Heat?

Although allowing your vape juice to sit in the heat isn't great, it can not cause anything in the e-liquid to become unsafe for its desired purposes. It can, however, change how it tastes and looks.

This is because of the ingredients like propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG). Both are highly susceptible to heat. 

The compounds are stabilised when it comes to cooler temperatures. However, when the temperature reaches a certain point, both compounds can start to break down, leading to a change of texture in the liquid. For example, VG will experience the separation of the components that make it up, and recombining these components cannot be easy. 

The same can be said for PG, where the heat will cause it to lose its taste a lot faster. In summary, vape juice can go wrong in taste when left in the heat, even if it is not toxic to the body. So, if you can avoid it, do not leave your bottle in the sun to prevent irreversible damage.

Does Vape Juice Evaporate In Heat?

Most vape devices are designed to churn out high temperatures to heat vape juice into vapour to be inhaled quickly. So natural heat from sunlight will not evaporate your e-liquid as it isn't hot enough. It is essential to leave your e-liquid in a cool and dry place to stop the e-liquid from changing its molecular structure. Leaving your vape juice in direct sunlight or high temperatures can affect this.

Vape juice can evaporate in the device or the refill bottle; it is, after all, a liquid. To prevent the one in your device from fading too soon, ensure that you do not overfill on the juice. Just fill up to the point you feel would be satisfying to prevent wastage. As for the refill bottle, learn to store it properly in a dry, dark and cool room. Not only does that help with the evaporation problem, but it also helps extend your vape juice's shelf life. 

Aside from the evaporation from the heat, you might also want to take note of the unpleasantries of leaving vape juice out in the stifling heat. The ingredients used in making vapes are sensitive to temperature changes, so your vape juice can turn bad.

By turning bad, the vape juice taste takes a serious dip. Plus, the nicotine content would be weeded out, which defeats the purpose of using it in the first place. So, heat can cause vape juice to evaporate, so it would be best to keep it out of the sun's reach.

What Temp Does Vape Juice Evaporate?

Vape juice was designed to be vapourised. As for the temperature that causes it to evaporate, it usually depends on its ingredients. So, you must consult the manufacturer's guide for the specific evaporation temperature. 

Otherwise, if you are smoking the vape juice, it can evaporate at lower temperatures in the hundreds. However, that level will affect the emitted taste and smoke. So, many feel that 120 degrees Celsius are suitable temperatures where vape juice evaporates and tastes divine. 

If you want harsher puffs, you can raise the temperature. Still, most people would not recommend exceeding 250 degrees Celsius considering some studies mention that harmful carcinogens are released when it gets too hot. Staying at a safe 200 degrees Celcius can provide the optimal experience as your vape juice will still evaporate. 

Of course, this is merely a recommendation. For newer users of vaping, you can quickly start at lower temperatures to test it out. Anything above 100 degrees Celsius will evaporate the vape juice. No device would go below the evaporation point, so you do not have to worry. Just try out what you are comfortable with and adjust from there.

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