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Should I Keep My Nicotine In The Fridge?

Published 26 August 2022, Updated 10 April 2024

Should I Keep My Nicotine In The Fridge?

Should I Keep My Nicotine In The Fridge?

Placing them in the fridge is a good option if it is a hotter environment than usual, e.g. a hot day. The fridge will keep your e-liquid cool and prevent any damage from heat.

Some may wonder — should you keep your nicotine in the fridge? The answer depends on the circumstances; it may benefit from keeping your e-liquid in the fridge. However, when it comes to vaping it again, ensure you allow the temperature of the e-liquid to reach room temperature and shake your e-liquid well.

Vape juice is typically made up of propylene glycol, or PG for short, and VG, which stands for vegetable glycerin, nicotine and flavouring. PG will not be affected by bacteria, but substances like nicotine and flavourings will be.

Hence, it is essential to note the conditions which cause nicotine liquid for vaping to go bad. Nicotine and artificial flavourings are usually made up of naturally occurring substances, which can decompose and lose flavouring if exposed to the surroundings.

Vape liquid is thus susceptible to conditions like light, temperature, water, and air, and if exposed to these conditions, it can quicken the pace of decomposition.

Talking about chemical reactions — UV light and heat can catalyse a chemical reaction that causes the molecules of the ingredients in flavourings to decompose, causing the juice taste to falter and not perform as well as it had when you first bought it.

If you’re looking to store your vape liquids temporarily, simply seek out any dark place that isn’t exposed to the heat to store it — such as your cupboard or your closet. This keeps out light and air, so ensure you keep your bottles capped well before storage.

To store your vape juice in the fridge, ensure it is bottled inside airtight containers like a plastic bag, or a bottle, so that moisture does not enter your vape juice. This protects it from the other contents of your fridge in your e-liquid.

If stored well, nicotine liquid can sustain for two years from the manufacturing date.

Is It Ok To Freeze Vape Juice? 

Due to the low freezing point of VG and Pg, your e-liquid will not freeze; it may just thicken up the e-liquid. You should ensure your vape juice returns to room temperature before vaping.

There are no additional benefits to keeping your e-liquid in the freezer, and it can actually cause the juice to lose flavour.

To use your vape juice after keeping it in the fridge or freezer for storage, ensure you let it return to room temperature before you pop it in your vape device. After all, we don’t want a bad vaping experience — not when we’ve bought good-quality juice.

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