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Do I Need To Keep Vape Upright?

Published 17 June 2022, Updated 10 April 2024

Do I Need To Keep Vape Upright?

Do I Need To Keep Vape Upright?

Vape devices should be kept upright as much as possible. Laying your vape device down could lead to leaks and dirt getting into the mouthpiece of your device.

Your e-liquid, atomiser, and other components of your vape kits can be at risk if your vape kit is kept upside down or lying down for long periods. So while it’s not a problem for short brief periods, you should always strive to keep your devices upright.

If your vape is full of e-liquid, turning it sideways and leaving it lying down may cause the wick in your atomiser coil to soak up too much liquid, causing a bitter, harsh taste. This can also lead to the device leaking, causing a blockage in your mouthpiece. And ultimately, an unnecessary waste of e-liquid.

Failing to keep your vape upright can introduce dust and dirt into your e-liquid tank and mouthpiece, causing various issues. It’s imperative you travel correctly with your vape, as letting it move around in your bag can cause the vape to become damaged. Your mouthpiece is at a higher risk of becoming accumulated with fluff and germs. If this is the case cleaning your mouthpiece is vital.

Following all of the correct storage advice with allow your vape to work to its best ability ensuring the lifespan of the device is as long as possible.

Can You Lay Your Vape Down?

Laying your vape down for long periods can lead to leakages and make it easier for dust and dirt to find their way into the vape.

Vape devices should be stored properly when not in use to ensure that your vape can last for as long as possible. While some may think this would only impact the e-liquid, they’re wrong. If you don’t store your spare vapes, e-liquid, and main vape properly, you risk issues with certain parts of the vape like the tank and the atomiser.

Keep your vape upright

Making sure you store your vapes upright is a crucial habit. Your vape devices, such as box mods and cig-a-likes, are designed to stand independently. Storing it upside down or on its side can cause dirt, dust, and irritants to enter your vape device. Keeping your vape upright helps your device prevent leaking e-liquid, which can cause blockages and buildup.

Storing your vape

Finding a suitable area to store your vape devices can be extremely useful in keeping all your products safe. A dry, room temperature place with no direct sunlight will be the best way to ensure everything stays well maintained. Standing the device upright in a clean glass or a mug can be an excellent alternative for keeping your vape in the best position.

Travelling with your vape

Vapes can have some or all of these features, external buttons, screens, and premium mouthpieces, and carrying them around is just like carrying around any other tech investment. You wouldn’t be comfortable carrying your Bluetooth earphones in your bag without their case, letting them freely move around and collide with other objects; you should consider treating your device correctly for a longer life span.

Keeping your vape away from moisture

Keeping your device away from moisture is also an excellent way to keep your device's life span as long as possible. If the vape is exposed to moisture, it can cause several problems, such as pre-soaking the wick, which would deem it no good. It can also significantly impact how the electrical components of the vape perform.

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