What's The Most Popular Vape?

Published June 15th 2022
In this article, we discuss the most popular vapes and whether disposable vapes are worse than mods.

What's The Most Popular Vape?

The Uwell Caliburn and Vaporresso Xros 2 are popular with their sleek design and their easy-to-use pod vape set-up. Regarding open pod vapes, the Drag X from Voopoo is the most popular.

Does a popular product mean a good product? Being a conscious vape user and consumer means doing your homework before buying. People look for the most popular brands of vape kits rather than independent, never-heard-before brands because the products are likely to be safer and have better quality control. Always buy a regulated device to ensure the safest and least complicated experience.

Suppose you're looking to optimise your vape experience. In that case, popular models can also serve as a good benchmark since the community is more likely to talk about and compare other models, so you'll be able to access advice and reviews to find the best-suited device.

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced vape user, there will be different qualities you will be looking out for; always consider what experience you are aiming for when investing in a vape. Trying out a disposable model can help ease you into vaping until you've found what is best suited to your preference.

Are Disposable Vapes Worse Than Mods?

Disposable vapes are not worse than Mods, as they are both regulated devices. However, Mods are better devices as they allow for more customisation and choice in general, especially regarding flavours, coils, and much more.

Disposable vapes are not worse than mods. There are no safer options if both are regulated and purchased from a reputable supplier. You are no less of a vape user if you have a disposable vape than a mod kit; this is sometimes propagated among those who own and support modded vape kits as they believe the lack of control leads to poorer performance. Each vape user will have their personal preference regarding vaping devices.

Disposable vapes trade mods functions and form factors for affordability, ease of use, and a specific vape experience. Disposable vapes will almost always be the same whichever you pick up. Moreover, because the coil, liquid and wattage were all designed to work together seamlessly, it can be a no-frills way of getting a thorough and fulfilling puff without having to read up on all the technology.

Disposable vapes are also in no way worse for your health than mods. In fact, with improper use, mod users report dry hits when your puff suddenly burns your throat and feels bitter and harsh. This is less likely to happen with a disposable vape since everything is ready to use straight out of the box.

If you aren't using the correct e-liquid with your vape device, you’re likely to go up in a cloud of vapour with too much nicotine and experience a rush which can be unpleasant. If you’re willing to put in the work and be diligent about testing, mod kits will give you the finest control over your health and habits. However, disposable vapes will still be the champion if you’re looking for the simplest way to vape.

Disposable vapes have fewer flavours and less control over the nicotine concentration; this might be unsuitable for your vaping needs. Make sure you are always buying vape products from a reputable company.

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