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What Are The Different Vape Modes On A Vape?

Published 12 August 2022, Updated 10 April 2024

What Are The Different Vape Modes On A Vape?

What Are The Different Vape Modes On A Vape?

The world of mod devices can be intimidating when you first acquire a mod box vape device as there are many modes; they can go up to 300W and have numerous modes that tell your vape device how to operate. 

Beginning with the most common ones, telling you what it does, how it operates and what it means for your vape device.

There are many mod boxes out there, and they began circulating on the market in the 2010s. These mod boxes aim to vaporise as much low nicotine concentration e-liquid as possible. These days, in the UK, these e-liquids are termed shortfills and come in a VGPG ratio of at least 7030.

The 5 main modes on vape kits are:

  • Bypass mode
  • Wattage mode
  • Custom Power mode
  • Voltage mode
  • Temperature control mode

There are other vape modes available which will be briefly looked at, but above are the most common ones, which will be looked at in greater detail. With all these different vaping modes, we recommend reading the instruction manual associated with your device, as each manufacturer will have designed the interface differently.

Bypass Mode

Bypass mode is excellent for beginners using mod boxes. It simply turns off the many adjustable features of the device and focuses on delivering power based on the resistance of the coil you have installed in the tank and how much energy your battery can output, depending on how charged it is. Ergo, the more charged up the battery is, the more power it will output to your coil, and as the battery is drained, it'll reduce the output going to your coil.

This is a great method of getting to know your device and a brilliant way to be introduced into the world of vaping box mods.

Wattage Mode

Wattage Mode (also called Power Mode or Variable Wattage Mode on your device) is a specific setting for adjusting the power (in wattage) that flows out of the battery and through the coil you have installed. Different coils will have a different optimum wattage range which is ideal for that particular coil which is based on its resistance.

Wattage mode is probably the most common feature to be adjusted on your vape device, and it keeps life very simple. Always use the recommended power range for your installed coil, as too much power may burn your coil and e-juice, and too little power won't give you a satisfying vape.

Custom power curves

Custom power curves are essentially where you can alter the wattage going through the vape during each puff. For example, you can adjust the wattage at the start of the inhale, and as the duration of the inhale extends, it can be reduced or vice versa.

Voltage Mode

If wattage is the power output from the battery, you can think of voltage as the pressure (of that power) as it is emitted from a power source. So the more significant the voltage, the greater the push force behind the electrons as they move around the electrical circuit. This is another means of regulating the wattage flowing through your circuit.

Therefore in voltage mode, you can adjust the force of the electrons as they are pushed out of the battery. It is still essential to know the wattage range of the coil and ensure your vape is operating within its specified parameters.

Temperate Control Mode

Another common adjustable parameter you will find on your vape is Temperature Control Mode. This allows you to adjust (or limit) the temperature your coil reaches. The vaporiser's really clever built-in chip will adjust the wattage and voltage to reach your desired temperature of the coil but will not let it exceed it.
Unlike wattage, where the coil manufacturer specifies the best range to use it, it does not do this with temperature. Too much heat, and you will find that the coil burns, and so will the e-liquid giving you a burnt taste. Always start at a lower temperature and work upwards until you find that sweet vape hit.

Preset wattages

Preset wattage mode allows you to save different power settings depending on your installed tank and coil. The vape device has a memory much like a calculator; you just have to set it to the desired specifications and insert it into the memory.

For example, if you have a tank with a high nicotine concentration, 5050 liquid and 0.8ohm coil, and another separate tank with a low nicotine concentration, 8020 liquid with a 0.2ohm coil installed; preset mode allows you to flick between the two different power modes at the flick of a button, rather than adjusting the modes individually depending on which tank you have on your mod.

Other modes which you should be aware of exist but are not on all mod boxes are:

Super play mode, pulse mode, material selection mode, intelligent temperature control mode, temperature coefficient of resistance mode, DC noise cancellation mode, F0 mode, refresh mode, ultra-fast firing mode and DIY mode.

What are the options on my vape?

More complex vape devices (known as box mods) come with many options, which allow you to adjust the different settings on your device to satisfy your nicotine craving.

It is important to know that these options usually come with more powerful devices where you are trying to achieve a lot of vapour production.

The main options you should be aware of are the ability to adjust the wattage, voltage and temperature. These all have slightly different names depending on the device you are using, e.g. power mode, wattage mode, variable voltage mode, temperature control etc. It is important to read the instruction manual of your device before using it.

It is also essential to stay within the power parameters of your coil. This is to avoid dry hits and burning out your coil.

For more vape kit information, check out our article what setting should my vape be on?

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