How Long Should I Wait Between Vape Hits?

Published June 21st 2022
In this article, we discuss how long you should wait between vape hits and the number of puffs a day you should take.

How Long Should I Wait Between Vape Hits?

Generally, it would be best if you waited 15 seconds between hits to allow the e-liquid to saturate into the coil wick.

When you are using your vape kit, you should avoid chain vaping. When vaping, your vape only begins vapourising when triggered as you start to take a hit. The wick, located in the atomiser, needs time to let the e-liquid thoroughly soak in between uses; this isn't possible if you continually take hits.

It would be best if you waited around 15 seconds between each use; otherwise, it can cause a dry hit. When your wick is not allowed enough time to be re-saturated in e-liquid before being triggered, you are damaging your wick and heating coil, and your hit can be dry, harsh and sometimes painful. To avoid this situation, Letting your vape rest in between puffs in an upright position will prevent any issues like this.

You may start chain vaping if you feel like you aren't getting the nicotine hit you require in each puff. This could mean you're not getting the equivalent amount of nicotine from your e-liquid as your body is used to from cigarettes.

If this relates to you, consider switching to an e-liquid with a higher nicotine concentration.

How Many Drags Should You Take From A Vape?

It would be best if you took around 4-5 drags each time you vape 15-30 seconds apart.

This is one of the most common questions by new and experienced vapers. After all, it's normal to want to know if your vaping habits are considered too frequent, not frequent enough or somewhere in the middle.

Compared to cigarettes, there's no need to finish a certain amount as you can stop without it burning away. It's been shown in many studies over the years that although it is socially acceptable to smoke an entire cigarette and not to let it go to waste, the amount of nicotine you need is often much less than what a whole cigarette gives you. This means that you're overdosing on what is required and the harmful chemicals burnt.

Not only do vape e-liquids not contain tar and carbon monoxide, but you can stop anytime by putting down your device.

When taking drags from a vape, you should time around 15 seconds between puffs to prevent chain vaping; Chain vaping can also cause serval problems. If you take too many puffs, the e-liquid will not have enough time to saturate your wick; if this is the case, you will be susceptible to a dry hit.

If you find yourself getting through a lot of e-liquid in a day, this could mean you are vaping too much. Although vaping doesn't have the number of nasty chemicals smoking does and is 95% less harmful, you can still be at risk of consuming too much nicotine.

Nicotine overconsumption can cause symptoms such as the following;

  • Dry mouth
  • Dizziness
  • Irritation
  • Nausea

This can be easily rectified with the correct nicotine strength leading you to vape a responsible amount of nicotine and reduce your liquid use.

How Many Vape Puffs A Day?

The average vaper has around 130 puffs a day.

The average number of puffs a vape user will do a day ranges from 130 to 160, with the median landing around 130. This, of course, depends highly on whether the person is vaping nicotine. With nicotine e-liquid or nicotine salts, nicotine being an addictive component, there is an element of needing to hit your nicotine fix. If you're vaping without nicotine strictly for the feeling, then you're probably going to wind up vaping much less on average.

The average ready-to-use vape e-liquid bottle is 10ml and ranges between 0 and 20mg. A 10ml bottle can contain enough e-liquid for 1000 puffs. This equals around 100 puffs per 1ml of e-liquid, equivalent to 10-15 cigarettes, depending on your nicotine strength. From this, you should be able to work out if you are vaping the correct amount needed compared to your past cigarette consumption.

In conclusion, if you find your nicotine needs aren't being met, you could vape more than needed because the nicotine strength isn't high enough. This can lead your body to crave more nicotine. Consider finding a more suitable nicotine strength.

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