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Everything You Need to Know About IVG Vape Brand and Company

Published 1 March 2023, Updated 9 April 2024

Everything You Need to Know About IVG Vape Brand and Company

What company is IVG, and what does IVG manufacture?

IVG is an acronym for I Vape Great. IVG is a British-owned brand that manufactures the highest-quality vape products on the market. This brand has enjoyed global success due to its wide variety of e-liquids, including IVG shortfills, IVG nic salts and IVG TPD 10mls (or 50/50s) and, most recently, IVG disposable vapes.

IVG are one of the leading manufacturers of vape juice in the UK and was founded in 2016. It was started to aid smokers in continuing on their quitting smoking journey by manufacturing legally compliant and delicious-tasting e-liquids that replicate the flavour name on the bottle.

IVG is a brand that is owned by its parent company, Acme Vape Limited. Acme Vape Ltd also manufacture many other brands including Top Vape, Beyond, Drip Down, Team 120 and True Salts. In addition to creating their own brands, many other e-liquid brands come to Acme Vape limited to have their e-liquids manufactured for them.

Where is IVG based?

IVG and their parent company Acme Vape Ltd are based in Preston, Lancashire, United Kingdom. Acme Vaping labs are ISO9001 certified. ISO accreditation is only given when a company meets certain standards and maintains these standards in its daily operational activities. As such, when you see a company displaying its ISO accreditation, you can rest assured that all products manufactured on those premises are of the highest calibre.

IVG have their worldwide headquarters in Preston, UK. However, they have satellite offices in New York, America and Dubai, United Arab Emirates. IVG serve over 100 countries across the globe and is one of the most internationally recognised vaping brands in the world, having helped millions of former smokers on their quitting smoking journey. This alone makes IVG one of the Great British vaping success stories in the world.

Who owns IVG?

The IVG brand was founded back in 2016 by Acme Vape Limited, which the Bawa family owns. The Bawa family established their first manufacturing business in Asia as "Bawa Jute Mills" in 1949. Since then, the Bawa family has gone on to own several businesses all over the world. The Bawa family group actively participates in national growth and economic and social development in several countries, with the UK housing their headquarters and other countries such as the USA, Columbia, UAE, Pakistan and Hong Kong housing their satellite offices.

IVG's Mission

IVG's mission is to create and distribute the best quality e-liquids to assist smokers in transitioning to vaping and continuing vaping rather than smoking cigarettes, which has long been established as very detrimental to someone's health. One of their aims is for adult vapers and former smokers to use their products. They do not advocate or target their products towards people who have never smoked or vaped or anyone who is underage.

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