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Which Is Better Caliburn A2 Or G?

Published 5 May 2022, Updated 10 April 2024

Which Is Better Caliburn A2 Or G?

Which Is Better Caliburn A2 Or G?

While both the Caliburn A2 and G can deliver flavour at the same levels, the short answer to which vape is better would be the Caliburn A2. Caliburn A2 is not only better designed, providing users with useful portability, but it is also incredibly beginner-friendly.

Moreover, the Caliburn A2 features pods that can be replaced easily so you do not have to worry about switching out the coils once they have been burnt out. The Caliburn A2 is by far the simplest vape to use, and these features make it superior to the Caliburn G.

Is The Caliburn A2 Better Than The G?

The Caliburn A2 features a tighter mouth draw than the Caliburn G. This allows for the vapour to be more contained, allowing you to experience a better hit.

You cannot deny that the Caliburn A2 looks more pleasing to the eye as it is sleek and has a smooth, shiny finish. With the Caliburn A2, you will not be left wondering how much e-liquid there is left in your vape, as the clear design allows you to look right in and find your answer. This is not to say that the Caliburn G does not come with any advantages that outweigh the Caliburn A2.

The Caliburn G actually has some advantages over the A2. While more environmentally friendly than the A2, the G is also more affordable. It is also best for smokers transitioning to vaping who need a beginner-friendly option. Without changing the settings, all you have to do to adjust the airflow is rotate your pod, which makes the G easier to use.

You’ll also enjoy more control with the G as it features a pod system with refillable coils. The answer to this question depends on what you are looking for. If you are looking for a smaller mouthpiece with a tight draw, go for an A2. If you are looking for versatility, the liberty to adjust airflow and a wider mouthpiece than the Caliburn G will work better for you.

The A2 is a simpler device, as you do not need to change the coils around like the Caliburn G. The A2 has an in-built coil into the cartridge.

Which Is Better Caliburn Or Koko?

The Caliburn is better than the Koko device. The Caliburn has a firing button and can also be activated by inhaling. The Caliburn also enables you to use a 1.4-ohm pod and a 1.2-ohm Koko pod.

The Caliburn and the Koko are triggered differently. The Caliburn features two ways that you can choose from to trigger the vape, you can choose to use the auto draw sensor or the button trigger. On the other hand, the Koko only features the auto-draw sensor. While Koko seems to have a better auto sensor than the Caliburn, the absence of a button could decide which vape one would like to use. In terms of flavour, the Caliburn only slightly outperforms Koko.

Another similarity is that they both have the same pods lasting about 10 to 14 days. If we were to give an overall verdict, the Caliburn might be a slightly better option than the Koko.

The Caliburn has a long life span and an aesthetic design and allows users to choose from 2 pod options. The fact that the Caliburn is Uwell’s longest-running product compared to the Koko and is still a fan favourite attests to the slight superiority that the Caliburn holds over Koko.

What Is The Difference Between The Caliburn A2 And The G2?

The difference between the Caliburn A2 and the G2 is the Caliburn A2 comes with a pod that has a pre-installed coil. The coils in the G2 can be replaced, allowing an option of coils to suit your vaping needs. The Caliburn also has a bigger battery and an adjustable airflow on the pod.

The main differences between the A2 and the G2 can be seen in the size and shape of the devices. The A2 is slightly taller than the G2, while the G2 is slightly broader and shorter. The A2 falls behind in battery capacity standing at 520 mAh, while the G2 has a battery capacity of 690 mAh. The A2 features a pod with a prebuilt mesh coil that you cannot replace, while the G2 has replaceable mesh coils. Another difference in packaging is that the A2 does not come with a USB-type C charger in the box, while the G2 does.

Is Caliburn A2 Better Than Caliburn?

Overall in terms of design and user-friendly capabilities, the Caliburn A2 takes the cake. While there seems to be minimal difference between the flavour experience of the A2 and the Caliburn, the main reason why A2 stands out is due to having the option of a 0.9 ohm meshed coil, and you're able to see your e-liquid through the pod window.

However, only having one coil option could be its downfall, and this may be too intense for beginner vapers who will opt for the original Caliburn, with the option of a 1.2 and 1.4-ohm pod.

Which Is Better Caliburn G Or A2?

The Caliburn A2 overall is better in terms of overall quality. It looks better than the Caliburn G as well. Since it is super light and easily the most simple vape pod to use, the portability and user-friendliness of the A2 make it superior to the G. Even, beginners will have no issues using the A2 as their vape is the easiest vape pod out there.

The Caliburn G features better battery life than the A2 with its 520mAh battery compared to the 690mAh battery that the G has. In terms of usage, the Caliburn A2 does not have an airflow that is as tight as the Caliburn G as it features a looser airflow setting. However, this is probably as far as the disadvantages of comparing the A2 to the G.

Which Caliburn Is The Best?

The Uwell G2 is the best Caliburn for functionality. The Uwell features fully adjustable airflow is aesthetically neatest and is highly easy to use, and users can enjoy the three coil options available for the G2.

If you do not think airflow adjustability and replaceable coils are important features, you might be okay settling for the A2 or the original Caliburn - which is why we recommend the original Caliburn over all others. However, overall all Caliburn devices will provide a satisfying and smooth vaping experience for all vapers.

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