Can Drag S Pro Use PnP Coils?

Published April 28th 2022
Can the VooPoo Drag S use PnP coils or not? In this blog post, we'll take a closer look at the question and try to get to the bottom of it. Stay tuned!

Can Drag S Pro Use PnP Coils?

The short answer to this question is basically yes. However, a PnP-X pod must be used. The team at VooPoo had engineered the Drag S Pro to be as versatile as possible. It is even possible to pair up the mods with their TPP counterparts. The converse can even be done where you can pair the new TPP X Pod with the previous models of Drag S using TPP coils.

Although the Drag S Pro can utilise the older PnP coils also used in the Drag X Kit, there is merit to trying out the new coils like the TPP-DM3 and TPP-DM4 with the TPP pod. They are the latest batch from VooPoo, and the best part is that the upgrades were made based on consumers' feedback. So, unlike some companies, VooPoo puts in the time to research their consumer base and heed their advice on making their vape technology better. This is probably one of the reasons why the newer batches seem to be doing a decent job of balancing taste and power usage.

Furthermore, the TPP-DM3 also does an excellent job of relaying the taste of the vape as accurately as possible. The coil ohms out at 0.1ohm, which means that this coil can withstand the mods with higher watts. Furthermore, taking a puff out of it, you can feel the efforts of the development team as the taste and consistency is considerably better than the previous issues.

However, if you’re springing for the best of the best, the one that takes the cake is the TPP-DM4. Ask any vape enthusiast, and they’ll probably say that the TPP-DM4 is the best on the market. And, it is not an exaggeration to say that it is the best out of the lot. It is more energy-efficient than its peers, which means that you can achieve a temperature that is just right with less energy expended. Furthermore, once you have puffed from this coil, we believe that the path back has been sealed.

Once you have tried the TPP-DM4, turning back to the older coils is very difficult. The taste from TPP-DM4 is probably the most authentic out of all the coils available. Another bonus that will chain you to TPP-DM4 is that it can handle chain smoking. No more stopping because you are worried that your coil floods or leaks.

So, out of all the coils available, TPP-DM4 has proven its worth as the coil that is the most energy-efficient, the most juice conscious, and best suits the needs of those who enjoy frequent vaping. Of course, even with all these, you can still choose to switch around the mods and coils since the company has so intelligently designed their products to be easily interchangeable. Hence, if you still prefer to, you can easily pair the latest Drag S Pro with the older PnP coils if you have a PNP-X pod.

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