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What Are PnP Coils?

Published 9 May 2022, Updated 10 April 2024

What Are PnP Coils?

What Are PnP Coils?

PnP coils are made by VooPoo that are specifically designed for specific Voopoo vape devices such as the Drag X and Drag S vape kits.

The PnP coils, short for “Push n pull”, is a new kind of coil innovation from the company VooPoo. The coil is designed to be easy to insert and remove, making coil removal and changing as simple as turning a screw. VooPoo is a company that makes devices and replacement coils, and these PnP coils are one of the easiest in the market to replace and modify. VooPoo PnP coils are designed to be compatible with many of VooPoo’s vape kits, including the Drag X, Drag S, Argus Air, Vinci Pod Kit and the Vinci X 2 Pod Kit.

Are VooPoo PnP Coils Good?

VooPoo PnP coils are some of the most popular and most reliable coils today. The PnP coil range is predominantly used for Sub-ohm vaping.

Aside from being designed to be the easiest coils to remove, replace and install (just with a push and a pull), the VooPoo PnP coils are also a surprisingly good piece of e-cigarette technology. VooPoo designed these coils with differing power ranges and resistance levels for direct to lung (DTL or sub-ohm) and mouth to lung (MTL) vape users to maximise flavour and consistency. The VooPoo PnP mesh coil is available in a wide range of low resistances such as 0.6 ohms, 0.8 ohm and 1.2-ohm coils, which can be used interchangeably, meaning if you want to change it up between vaping styles, you can easily do so without having to buy a completely new system.

Which VooPoo PnP Coil Is Best?

The best PnP coil to use depends on your style of vaping. Any low-resistance coil will be ideal if you are after a large cloud and flavour for a higher VG content liquid. However, if you are after a more substantial throat hit and use a higher PG content liquid, the 1.2-ohm coil would work best.

The PnP coils are all very easy to install and have various resistance levels. Ultimately, because of how versatile the VooPoo PnP coils are, the answer to this question will depend on a few factors:

  1. What is the PG and VG level in the E-liquid you are vaping
  2. Whether you are a mouth-to-lung (MTL) or a direct-to-lung (DTL) vaper
  3. The amount of nicotine present in your e-liquid

VooPoo PnP coils are all designed with a mesh build that enhances vapour and flavour production, but if you do not pair the coils and the liquid well, you might find weird afternotes in your saturated pineapple vape and burnt-tasting menthol.

If you are an MTL user, you should use the Drag S, Drag X, Drag Max or the Vinci X kits. If you are a DTL user, you should pair them with the Drag Mini Refresh, the Drag 2 Refresh or the Argus GT.

What Does PnP Mean In Vaping?

PnP stands for ‘Push and Pull’, and it is named this because you change the coil by pulling out the old one and pushing in a new one. PnP is a coil series made by Voopoo.

PnP refers to a coil system manufactured by e-cigarette company VooPoo that stands for “Push and Pull” or “Push-n-Pull”. These heating coils, coupled with the wicking material in a simple, sleek aluminium package, are easy to install since you can push and pull them out of the VooPoo kit you are using.

PnP is also very convenient for both experienced and first-time vape users. Coil switching is usually quite daunting, and the VooPoo PnP coil system makes that significantly more straightforward.

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