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Are PnP Coils Compatible With GTX?

Published 9 May 2022, Updated 10 April 2024

Are PnP Coils Compatible With GTX?

Are PnP Coils Compatible With GTX?

Yes, the PnP coils will fit into the GTX PM80 pods and GTX22 or GTX18 tanks. However, not the other way round.

The amount of information available on this topic is overwhelming and everywhere! From forums and websites to manufacturers’ pages, you will find this question being asked, all with conflicting answers. Are PnP coils compatible with GTX? The answer is yes. Most people claim that the VooPoo coils fit snugly with the PM80 pods, but your mileage may vary.

A few users have claimed that the combination is not necessarily always a perfect fit, which is to be expected. After all, these are two different products manufactured by two different companies.

If you are looking for user-supported combinations, you should look towards getting either the GTX22 or the GTX18 tanks.

This question is asked so often because the coils look very similar in size, shape, and design. The PnP coils fit snugly in the GTX, but the GTX coils will not work in any VooPoo’s tank lineup since their base length is slightly bigger. This isn’t quite a shame since PnP coils come in a large variety and are easy to find.

The PnP coils from VooPoo also fit the Vaporesso PM80s. This has led many users to favour getting the Vaporesso system since people prefer its features and its looks, and since then, DIY fans love having twice the amount of available coils to choose from when customising their vape set-ups.

Are PnP And GTX Coils The Same?

No, they are not the same. The VooPoo’s PnP Coils are built specifically for their vape systems, and this means that they can be modded to be compatible with Vaporesso’s GTX lineup and pods like the Swag PX80 is simply a case of coincidence.

The VooPoo pods were made with particular consideration for the VooPoo systems and their wattage, power draw systems, and battery capacity.

However, the VooPoo PnP coils are exceedingly popular within the e-cigarette market. Ask any vaper who knows their stuff, and they will gladly show you some of their PnP coils they have spare in case they suddenly feel like changing to a DTL set-up for the newest flavour by their favourite brewery.

In terms of what combinations are supported, PnP and GTX coils are not even functionally similar because the GTX coils have a wider base length. This means that the reverse is not true while VooPoo’s PnP coils can snugly fit inside the Px80 pod, the GX18 and GX22 tanks. You will not be able to mod a VooPoo stainless steel PnP tank to work with GX coils, so the compatibility only runs one way.

If you were to do a cross-platform vape build, pay special attention to the O-ring surrounding the coil’s exterior. Leakage might become a problem. You must be willing to monitor for maximum juice.

Read our blog what vape uses PNP coils for more insights into this popular VooPoo replacement coil series.

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