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Geek Bar vs Geek Bar Pro

Published 18 August 2021, Updated 9 April 2024

Geek Bar vs Geek Bar Pro

Geek Bar and Geek Bar Pro disposable pods are vape devices made by Geek Vape, a known household name in the e-cigarette industry that manufactures its products in China. These small, thin and lightweight e-cigarettes are proving very popular in the vape industry.

Geek bars are available on IndeJuice, and with over 20 gorgeous flavours to choose from, you'll be able to find the right flavour for you and your taste buds. IndeJuice offers unlimited free one-day delivery on all products, with no minimum order within the UK through our IndePlus program. Alternatively, we have plenty of other delivery options available, including a sitewide Free Next Day Delivery for orders over £20 irrespective of whether you are an IndePlus member.

Whether you order one Geek Bar or five Geek Bars, you will receive this the next day. However, IndeJuice does not sell Geek Bar Pros, as it is illegal to sell in the UK.


Why Is The Geek Bar Pro Illegal In The UK?

We must stress that the Geek Bar Pro disposable pod device is illegal to use in the UK. They are not TPD compliant, a law that states nicotine cannot be present in any tank or system holding e-liquid above 2ml.

The Geek Bar Pro holds more than 2ml of e-liquid, which means it is not TPD compliant; therefore, the Geek Bar Pro disposable cannot be sold in the UK. However, we will compare the two to help you understand the difference and why the Pro is not a loss for the UK market.


Geek Bar vs Geek Bar Pro Similarities

The Geek Bar Pro is the upgrade from the Geek Bars, the 1st generation disposables from GeekVape that really set a precedent in the vape industry.

Nicotine Strength

Both the Geek Bar disposable and Geek Bar Pro disposable pods have the same nicotine strength. 20mg (2%) is the only nicotine strength used in these disposable pods. The vape juice used is a nicotine salt e-liquid. Nicotine salts allow you to vape e-liquids at high nicotine concentrations whilst achieving a smooth throat hit.

VG/PG Ratio

Both the Geek Bar and Geek Bar Pro have the same VG/PG ratio of 50/50. This is the most common type of e-liquid concentration ratio. It provides deep, satisfying flavours, a good amount of cloud production, and high nicotine strength.

Auto-Draw Activation

Both the Geek Bar and Geek Bar Pro are auto-activated vape kits. They have no buttons, and you simply inhale to get it firing for a mouth to lung (MTL) style vape.

Stylish And Comfortable

Both vape devices are sleek and stylish, with a beautiful modern look. They fit comfortably in your hand and are small enough to fit in your pockets or handbag.


Geek Bar vs Geek Bar Pro Differences

As the Geek Bar Pro is the upgrade from the Geek Bar, there are a few noticeable differences:

Battery Capacity

The Geek Bar Pro has a much larger battery capacity than the 1st generation Geek Bar. The battery life is dependent on how much you use the device.

Geek Bar Pro Battery: 850mAh

Geek Bar Battery: 500mAh



The Geek Bar Pro has a much larger puff count than the standard Geek Bar. The puff count is understood to be the maximum number of puffs you can take before the e-liquid runs out. The puff count is heavily dependent on how you puff.

Geek Bar Pro Puff Count: 1500 Puffs

Geek Bar Puff Count: 575 Puffs


Pre-Filled E-liquid Capacity

The Geek Bar Pro disposable has a much larger e-liquid capacity than the Geek Bar disposable pod. More e-liquid is held in the tank, which allows the puff count to be far greater.

Geek bar Pro Volume: 4.5ml

Geek Bar Volume: 2ml

The Geek Bar (2ml) is TPD compliant and legal to be sold in the UK, whilst the Geek Bar Pro is illegal due to its nicotine concentration in a 4.5ml tank (over the 2ml legal limit).



The Geek Bar Pro has an upgraded mouthpiece. With the standard geek bar, the mouthpiece is part of the whole integrated design with no grooves. However, the geek bar pro has been designed to still have the mouthpiece integrated with the body but has a slight groove which allows for a more comfortable fit with the mouth.



Naturally, with it being larger, the Geek Bar Pro is slightly heavier than the original Geek Bar.

Geek Bar Pro Weight: 45g

Geek Bar Weight: 30g


Design And Dimensions

The Geek Bar disposable device is a thin, sleek design. The Geek Bar Pro is larger and thicker, as it should be to hold the larger battery and e-liquid. Furthermore, the Geek Bar Pro has a hexagonal shape reflected across the whole body, whilst the standard Geek Bar is rectangular.

Both Disposables are designed in a single colour per the flavour across the entire device, with a clear plastic coating around the disposables.

Geek Bar Pro Dimensions: 109 x 25 x 22mm

Geek Bar Dimensions: 105 x 23 x 14mm


LED Light

The Geek Bar Pro features a translucent hexagonal lamp at the base of the bar, whilst the Geek Bar has one LED light at the base. Both of these LEDs light up continuously when you inhale and flash when they are ready to be disposed of.


Geek Bar Vs Geek Bar Pro Flavours

The Geek Bar has an abundance of fruit flavours. The IndeJuice site has all of the geek bar flavours, with over 20 to choose from. My favourites include Blackcurrant Menthol, Sweet Strawberry, and Passion Fruit.

The Geek Bar Pro has fewer flavours and includes different blends from our favourite fruits and drinks we all know and love. Flavours include Orange Soda, Blueberry Raspberry Lemon, Aloe Mango Melon Ice and Icy Cola.


Where To Buy Geek Bar or Geek Bar Pro

The Geek Bar disposable really is a great device. Unfortunately, while you can buy the standard Geek Bar in the UK, TPD regulations do not allow the Geek Bar Pro to be sold in the UK. 

You can also shop disposable vape devices from other brands, each with its own unique flavours & features.

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