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What Does A Geek Bar Do?

Published 4 May 2022, Updated 9 April 2024

What Does A Geek Bar Do?

What Does A Geek Bar Do?

A Geek Bar is a disposable e-cigarette which is an alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes to satisfy your nicotine cravings with a choice of flavours to choose from.

Geek Bars are a disposable vaping device with a 500 mAh internal capacity battery and a crystal clear appearance and flavour - it is designed for the discerning and discreet modern vaper who wants to enjoy the ease of use with added convenience. Geek Bars are designed for a mist of e-liquid, containing premium-quality vape juice with a nicotine salt base to be released when the user takes a breath while using the Geek Bar. This allows the user to inhale this nicotine vapour like one would a cigarette puff and absorb it for the "kick" or high that is created from nicotine exposure.

Each Geek Bar contains 2ml of premium quality vape juice that can be purchased in a diverse variety of flavours. For instance, the Tobacco Geek Bar allows those who crave classic tobacco taste to get their fix while vaping. Those favouring more fruity flavours can purchase e-liquid from a range of flavours, such as Passion Fruit. Ice-Cool lovers can purchase a variety of refreshing flavours, including Lychee, Watermelon Ice and Blueberry Ice.

Geekvape has favoured a more minimalist approach to product design, meaning users won't have to fiddle with buttons, settings or interfaces to change their user settings.

Finally, the Geek Bar is designed for longevity. The disposable vape kits contain an intern 500mAH battery that allows users to start vaping immediately after purchase. Each Geek Bar's internal battery is designed for about 600 puffs of vapour, and it does not require a change of vape coils or e-liquid.

How Do You Smoke A Geek Bar?

Remove all packaging from the Geek Bar and then inhale/suck to produce vapour.

The Geek Bar comes in a sealed package, with recognisable packaging and an indicator of the flavour of vape e-liquid in the Bar. There are no coils or removable parts to worry about. Slide the packaging out of the box when you receive it, and you will see the familiar mouthpiece and body that is shared by many other vape kits. A white protective cover usually covers the mouthpiece in particular. Remove this cover when you want to smoke, and take a deep breath. When you are done with smoking, be sure to dispose of your Geek Bar in a safe location — you should be able to get through at least one day with the volume of liquid available in a single Bar.

If you are a first-timer, take this slowly — do not rush your vaping experience and focus on the experience of vaping. If you feel uncomfortable with the flavour, do take time to sample other flavours to know which is best for your own personal enjoyment. You will probably cough or get a dry mouth because vapour tends to create a thick sensation and draw saliva away from the mouth. Finally, do not vape like a smoker — consistent, slow and steady puffs are essential to ensure you get the flavour and comfort you deserve.

Check out our article answering the question do Geek Bars lose flavour for more insights into disposable vapes!

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