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Choosing The Right Battery For Your Vape

Published 26 November 2020, Updated 10 April 2024

Choosing The Right Battery For Your Vape

When most people think of vaping, things such as devices and e-juice flavours typically come to mind. While some of these aspects determine the quality of the user experience, they don’t tell the entire story. There’s another important but often forgotten part: the battery.

With experimentation and time, selecting the right e-liquid or device may become easier, but finding the perfect battery can still be challenging. Most new vapers don’t understand or discuss their battery options; it's often easier to just buy what’s on the shelf. To simplify the selection process, follow our guide to choosing the right battery for your vape.

Why Is It So Important to Choose the Right Vape Battery?

Most users assume the battery’s sole purpose is to power the device, and as long as the vape works, there’s no need to learn about other battery options. However, the battery is one of a vape device’s most important parts, and it goes a long way in determining the quality of the user experience.

Battery Load

The level of output available from a battery at any given time is referred to as its load. A battery with a higher amperage or load capacity will allow a device to heat up faster, enabling the user to make long draws and enjoy the vapour sooner. The battery also determines how the device vaporises the liquid and enhances its flavours.


It’s equally important to consider the battery’s voltage. The coils in a vape are resistant to current flow, so a battery’s voltage capacity should be high enough to push amperage through the system and heat the liquid. When a device gets enough heat, you’ll have an optimal flavour experience. Poor amperage may adversely affect vapour density and the E-juice’s flavour profile.

Battery Capacity

Next, the battery’s capacity or mAh (milliamp Hour) parameter determines how long it can run a device before it must be charged. Many users prefer small vapes for their portability, so choosing a long-lasting battery will ensure a seamless, plug-free experience wherever they go.

Battery Quality and Device Compatibility

Aside from the above aspects, a battery’s device compatibility and quality are crucial to the safety and enjoyment of the vaping experience. Poor-quality batteries are more likely to cause issues that can lead to safety concerns. With a high-quality battery, you’ll enjoy every draw—and you’ll be safer while doing it.

What Vape Battery Do I Need?

For those using starter kits, disposables, or pocket vapes, choosing the right battery isn’t as much of a concern. These devices are sold with built-in batteries that are designed for compatibility. For vapes that use external batteries, there are two common sizes: 18650 and 26650.

vapcell 18650

The 18650 battery option is commonly found in vape mods, and it’s popular because it strikes a good balance between mAh and amperes. This provides a consistent, long-range vaping experience. These batteries can be detached and replaced, plus they’re quite budget-friendly. 18650 batteries are named for their dimensions i.e. the “18” is for the diameter, the “65” denotes the height, and the “0” indicates a cylindrical shape.

The former type, the 26650, is lesser known. These batteries are a bit bulky, being 22mm in diameter, but their power capabilities are promising. Many of today’s larger vape devices such as mechanical mods use 26650 batteries to ensure adequate power.

There are a few variants of these two types, such as the 18350. This option is comparable in diameter to the 18650, but it’s shorter. Based on your choice of vape mod, these are the types of batteries from which you’ll choose.


Another detail that reveals much about a battery’s safety and capabilities is its chemistry. Vape batteries are usually sold under acronyms such as INR, IMR, and ICR, which denote the battery’s chemical makeup. Choosing the right battery will ensure compatibility with your device.

  • IMR batteries, also known as lithium manganese units, work at a higher capacity without getting too hot. With minimal changes in internal temperature, these batteries don’t heat devices and circuits excessively. With their superior design, these batteries rarely require protective circuitry. IMR batteries work with most available vape mods and are generally considered safe to use.
  • ICR (lithium cobalt) batteries are the highest-powered option available for today’s vape mods. With their better mAh ratings, they’re well-suited to mechanical designs. However, ICR batteries have no built-in safeguards, so you’ll need a device with protective circuitry. Given this lack of in-built safety, ICR batteries have become obsolete.
  • Lithium manganese nickel or INR batteries are a hybrid type. These units use manganese to increase capacity, and they work at lower temperatures and higher current levels. INR vape batteries use safe chemistry to boost performance while minimising the risk of injury and device damage.

Most users prefer hybrids and IMRs for their mods, as they offer the right balance of safety and performance. 

Consider the Charging Process

One of the easiest and most effective ways to enhance a battery’s safety and longevity is to use the right charger. When you use the charger that comes with the battery, it will always provide the appropriate power level for safe, fast charging. Many users purchase smart chargers, which include over-voltage and over-discharge protection features. The best charger for vape batteries is known as the Nitecore Intellicharger.

When charging a vape device, it’s best to keep the charging level between 3.3 and 4.25 volts. Anything below or above these levels can cause damage to a battery, rendering it useless after just a few charge cycles.

Closing Thoughts on Vape Battery Selection

The qualities we’ve discussed above determine the safety and efficiency of a vape battery. These aspects, when carefully considered, will help you choose a battery with the right capabilities and quality level. By using these guidelines when setting up a new vape mod, you’ll enjoy higher device performance and a better vaping experience.

Whether you’re an experienced vaper or you’re just getting started, we can help you find the right batteries, vape mods, and e-juices. Visit IndeJuice's batteries section online or call today to get started.

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