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The Best Ecig Battery Chargers For Vaping

Published 3 January 2021, Updated 9 April 2024

The Best Ecig Battery Chargers For Vaping

When choosing a charger for vape batteries, individuals must consider several factors. The size of the batteries plays a role, as most vapers want a device capable of charging various-sized batteries. Many chargers today only accept certain battery sizes, and vapers must keep this in mind when comparing the devices.

This ensures they choose one that will handle the batteries they use most often. In addition, different-sized batteries are becoming more common, and many older chargers won’t work with them. Fortunately, manufacturers continue to increase their offerings to accommodate the needs of their customers, which vapers are certain to appreciate. The following five battery chargers offer the features consumers want and need, so check them out when searching for a new device.

Nitecore Q4

Are you looking for a battery charger for your vape and want one that is versatile and easy to use? If so, the Nitecore Q4, may be a good option for you. This device offers 2A charging for two slots and 1A charging when you have three or four batteries that need charging simultaneously.

The device works with popular vape batteries, including 18650 batteries, 20700, 21700, and 26650 along with many others. Individuals find it easy to tell when the batteries reach 4.2 volts, as the LED light on the unit turns green and the device stops charging. This ensures the batteries won’t overcharge, a concern of many users.

Men and women love the compact size of the unit and appreciate its fun design. They also like knowing they can take it everywhere they go, as it works with a car adapter. Furthermore, they enjoy using the device, knowing that the device will alert them in the event they insert the batteries wrong or a battery is short-circuiting. It tests each battery before charging and activates a depleted Li-ion battery with a protective circuit.

Nitecore i8, i4 & i2 - Our Recommendation

Vapers often want spare batteries on hand regardless of where they are. Charging multiple batteries, however, frustrates many, as they are limited in terms of charging devices. The Nitecore i8, i4 & i2 solves this issue, as these devices charge eight, four and two batteries respectively at one time. Every battery receives the correct amount of power thanks to the unit’s ability to distribute the power it is diving among the charger slots intelligently. Each slot charges independently and can reach speeds of 1500mA per slot. In addition, the unit comes with two USB output ports. This allows the user to charge their tablet and smartphone along with their vape batteries with one unit. Discover our Nitecore Intelli chargers here.

Red and green indicator lights on the unit alert the user to the charging status of each battery and device. The user can gather this information even when they are across the room. A red light indicates the unit remains in charging mode, while a green light shows the process is complete. The device also comes with safety mechanisms built in to let the user know when they place a battery in the unit with the polarity reversed or when a battery has short-circuited. If the unit detects either issue, the charging process stops, and a red light rapidly blinks over the slot that has experienced an issue.

Efest Luc V6

Smart chargers and batteries continue to evolve, and the Efest Luc V6 shows just how far they have come today. The company opted to update its multi-charger a few years ago, and it still stands out in the crowd. The LCD indicator screen allows it to shine. Six bays ensure users have a battery when they need one most, and the slot construction is unlike any seen in the industry. The manufacturer used stainless steel to fabricate the slots so they won’t split, fracture, or crack, regardless of how many times batteries are charged. Every slot comes with a separate screen to provide information about the status of the battery, and it also supplies information about the voltage of the battery in that slot and the charging current.

Operating the device takes little effort on the part of the user. Insert the rechargeable cell into the desired slot. The unit detects the voltage and chemistry of the battery and determines the correct charging method. In addition, the unit adjusts the charge amps based on the number of batteries being charged at that time. One thing vapers must know about the device is it takes 18650 and 26650 batteries along with flattop 20700 units. However, the charger doesn’t work with 21700 batteries.

Efest Luc V2

Vapers don’t want to be without their battery a second longer than is necessary. The Efest Luc V2 ensures they don’t have to be. This smart charger comes with an LCD readout that provides information on the charging information for each channel along with the voltage readout. It charges a range of 3.6 to 3.7-volt Li-ion batteries, including the 18650. Insert charged batteries into the device and use it to charge gaming devices, tablets, and smartphones as well.

Efest Lush Q4

A four-bay battery charger, the Efest Lush Q4 offers accurate and consistent battery charging thanks to its intelligent design. Users find the operation of the device remains simple and hassle-free, and they enjoy being able to charge four battery cells at once. The fast-charging device comes with auto-select speed running from 0.5A to 2.0A, depending on the batteries inserted and how they charge. The device features an LED light that alerts users to the battery's charging status. This light turns green when the charging process is complete, and the unit automatically stops the charging process.

Furthermore, the device contains a full protection suite that oversees normal operating conditions. The suite protects against over-discharging, short-circuiting, reverse polarity, and over-voltage. Users appreciate this, as they want to protect their cells. The device handles a range of battery sizes, including 18650 and 26650.

When the time comes to purchase a new battery charging unit, look into the five mentioned above. Most vapers find one of these devices meets their needs in every way, and you may discover the same is true for you. It never hurts to check them out at IndeJuice. You just might find a charger you love.

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