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Can Your Vape Explode?

Published 15 June 2022, Updated 9 April 2024

Can Your Vape Explode?

Can Your Vape Explode?

Any vaping device that uses a lithium-ion battery, in theory, can explode if misused. Getting the battery or device wet or using the wrong charger could lead to a fire and explosion.

Vape batteries are the heart of almost every hazard related to your vaporiser. Most vape devices are powered by lithium-ion batteries, which is where fire risks arise. Lithium-ion batteries, from your TV remote to your electronic doorbells, may be found in almost anything. Using a regulated device such as a Caliburn vape kit hugely decreases the chances of an accident due to the guarantee of a circuit board.

These batteries are far more powerful than those used in TV remotes and other wireless gadgets. When you inhale deeply from your vaporiser, the battery activates the heating coil, transforming the e-liquid into delicious vapour. The circuit board is there to shut off your device if any problem occurs.

Water damage many factors is a significant contributor to vape explosions. It is best to store your vape safely away from moisture, water, and direct sunlight. It would be best if you considered purchasing a regulated device. This means researching the company and buying in countries with strict safety checks and requirements.

Avoid overcharging your vape pens also. It would be best to look at your vape manufacturer's charging recommendations and time your charges.

It is essential to follow the device's manual when charging your vape. Whether you are charging a vape device using your phone charger (many vape devices now support USB-C charging) or a USB port on a 5-year-old laptop, the current passing through will be a random figure incompatible with your device.

Reputable companies conduct extensive stress testing, so it is essential to always buy from a reputable company.

Charging your vape for the correct amount of time will ensure the longevity of your vape battery's life span and keep safety risks to a minimum.

Do Vapes Explode In Water?

If a vaping device is exposed to water, it can cause sparks that lead to a fire; however, this is extremely rare.

Since vape technology first came out in 2005, device exploding has been an incredibly rare phenomenon. It's important to note that when these incidents happen, it is not necessarily because of the battery. This happens extremely rarely. Experts say that the chance of it happening narrows to one lithium-ion battery every ten million used.

Using a regulated device is of the utmost importance as an unregulated device can cause severe issues for the user.

Of course, you asked if vapes explode in water? While water causing a fire that might trigger an explosion sounds woefully ironic, it is true. Some vapes and higher-tech mods might have light waterproofing and weatherproofing, but water can still easily affect most vape kits. When water seeps into your vape device, given that it is an electronic device like any other, the water could severely damage the device, especially when it is charging. This would impair its essential electronic functions and may start sparks that would lead to a fire.

Make sure to only charge your devices with the charger they provided. This is because when you're charging a vape with an incorrect charger or by plugging it into a USB port which isn't unsuitable, the wattage and voltage you're getting will not be calibrated with your device. Repudiated brands do extensive stress testing with their combination of chargers and vape; please follow the user manual.

Can A Vape Explode In Your Face?

Although possible, this is an extremely rare occurrence. With proper care and usage, this risk is extremely unlikely due to circuit protection included on all modern vape devices.

You may have come across reports of exploding devices, but it is vital to consider the changing of unregulated devices.

The difference between regulated and unregulated devices is the lack of a circuit board; the circuit board regulates the amount of battery output to control the correct safety features on your device. If your device had an overheating problem, your circuit board would shut off.

An unregulated device delivers power from the battery directly to the atomiser meaning there is no circuit board controlling how much battery power is being outputted; this can cause safety issues such as a device overheating and inevitably exploding.

It is unusual to come across an unregulated device in today's time. Buying from a reputable company will ensure you use the safest device possible.

Charging a regulated device correctly but using a surfactant charger for your vape and charging for the correct about of time will ensure that you are treating the battery in the safest way possible. Doing this makes using a device as safe as using a phone.

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