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7 Tips To Master Your Vape Coils

Published 29 June 2021, Updated 10 April 2024

7 Tips To Master Your Vape Coils

If you know anything about vaping, then it's likely that you're familiar with vape coils. These metal objects are the essential parts of the vaping experience! There are many different types of vape coils out there, so figuring out how to maintain your coil can be difficult. This blog post contains 7 top tips which will help get the most from your vape coils.

1. Clean your vape coils regularly

The vape coil is the most important part of your vape. Without a clean vape coil, you're going to have a rough time vaping with any device. The vape coils should be cleaned regularly and replaced when necessary in order to prevent clogs or malfunctions from occurring.

2. Replace old coils with new ones to keep the flavour fresh

The quality of flavour you experience is directly related to how worn out your vape coil is.  

The vape coil is the component that heats up to create vapour, so as it gets older and becomes less efficient at creating heat, you might find your vape starts tasting burnt or not quite as satisfying. 

We recommend changing out your vape coils at least every two weeks for regular use, but more frequently if you vape heavily. 

Sub ohm coils will have to be replaced more frequently because they burn out more quickly. This means that if you're vaping over 60 watts, your vape coils will generally need to be replaced every week.

3. Keep your vape juice level below the maximum to avoid flooding and leaking

Vape leaking is a problem that we have all come up against at some point, and it's very frustrating. To prevent this from happening you should make sure your vape juice level is below the maximum fill line on your tank. This will also ensure that there isn't too much vape liquid in the coil which may result in flooding issues. 

Flooding occurs when your vape liquid passes through the cotton of the coil and begins to build up in the chimney of your tank. This will result in e-liquid coming out of the air holes and potentially leaking into your mouth.

4. Don't over-tighten your coil as it can cause dry hits or leaks

Whilst it is important to ensure that your vape coil is securely attached to your tank, it is important not to over-tighten the coil. 

Vape coils are made of a metal material and can be easily damaged if you tighten them too much. You should only ever need to put just enough pressure on your  coils so that it cannot fall off or come loose from its position.

Coil threads are delicate and sensitive to the amount of pressure you apply when tightening your vape coil. Using too much force can result in damaged coils and tanks, reducing their durability.

5. Always store your vape device upright when not in use so it doesn't leak on anything through the coil

Once e-juice has passed through the cotton of the vape coil, it can only ever leak from airflow holes or from the exit of the vapour chimney. 

By keeping your device upright when not in use, you can prevent any e-juice from leaking through the coil. This is because the liquid will be distributed equally across the coil rather than at a single point where it will inevitably leak through.

6. Store vape coils in a dry place where they won't be damaged by water or heat

As vape coils are made from cotton and metal, they are prone to damage from things like water and heat. 

Make sure vape coils are stored in a dry place where they will not be damaged by these elements, as this may lead to them breaking or becoming unsuitable for use when you need it most.

When vape coils come into contact with water, they may rust depending on the material it is made out of. Rusting is the process of metal reacting with oxygen and water to form compounds. This usually causes the vape coil's outer layer to break down and form a brown rust layer.

The cotton contained in vape coils is also susceptible to humidity. This means that vape coils will start to lose their form and quality when they are in an environment where the humidity is high whilst not in use.

To prevent vape coils from becoming too damp, it's a good idea to store them in a dry place with low levels of moisture and relative air temperature. It also helps if vape coils are stored away from direct sunlight.

7. Use your vape coil at the recommended wattage

You should always read the box that your vape coils come in to know what the recommended wattage is. Even though some vape coils can work at a higher wattage, you should always use them in the correct range to avoid damage. This will also produce optimal flavour and vapour production. 

Wattage is a measure of how much power is used to vape. The higher the wattage, the hotter the vape coil gets and the more vape liquid is used. Operating at higher wattages will always reduce the lifespan of your coil.

In conclusion

The tips in this blog post are designed to help you get the most from your vape coils. If you're concerned about how to maintain a coil, don't worry! Just follow these 7 top tips and you'll be set with any type of coil out there.

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