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Are All Vape Coils The Same?

Published 25 April 2022, Updated 10 April 2024

Are All Vape Coils The Same?

Are All Vape Coils The Same?

No, all vape coils are not all the same. All vape coils differ depending on what brand and model is being used. On average, most vapes come with just a single coil, but some come with dual-coil, quad-coil and even sometimes coils made from different materials such as cotton, mesh and ceramics.

A majority of vape coils come with the option to choose a different Ohm resistance to cater to your desired style of vaping. Using coils with a lower resistance, usually less than 1 ohm, will give you a choice to vape at higher wattages and get a better flavour from your juice; this is DTL (Direct to lung) vaping. Using coils with higher resistance will give you a natural smoking sensation and is best suited for higher nicotine content liquids; this is known as MTL (Mouth to lung) vaping.

Most vape coils also have a different design which means that they are not universal; this is why a majority of brands will give you an option of what resistance to use and provide a recommended wattage.

What Vape Coils Are The Best?

For DTL (direct-to-lung) vaping, Nichrome coils are some of the best coils to go for. The most common material used in vape coils is Ni80 (80% Nickel, 20% Chromium), and these coils are usually Sub-Ohm, meaning that their resistance is lower than 1 ohm.

For MTL (Mouth to lung) vaping, a higher resistance coil would be best. Lower resistance coils are made with much thinner wire which does not allow as much wattage/power to be fed into the coil as a DTL vape coil. Using the higher resistance coils gives off a more natural smoking experience like smoking a real cigarette.

Mesh coils are also another very popular vape coil, mesh coils can come in multiple different resistances for both MTL and DTL vapers and can also come as single-mesh, dual-mesh and even quad-mesh. Using lower resistance coils can cause them to burn out slightly quicker than a regular coil due to it needing a more substantial amount of wattage to power the coil.

Do Vape Coils Make A Difference?

When vaping, the type of coil used does make a difference to your vaping experience. There are two types of vape coils; Regular coils and Sub-ohm coils, depending on the function of your vaping device.

The difference between the two coils is the resistance and the method of vaping you desire to choose. Regular coils will give an MTL style of vape more similar to a real cigarette, which is popular for customers who are just quitting smoking and are not ready to give up the natural smoking experience.

A sub-ohm coil will give a much warmer, more powerful and tastier vaping experience depending on which type of sub-ohm coil you have gone for. Using dual-mesh or quad-mesh coils will provide you with a more flavourful and warmer vaping experience compared to a single-mesh coil.

Looking for further information? Check out our article answering the question can you clean and reuse vape coils for maintenance tips and tricks!

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