Will Your Clothes Smell If You Vape?

Published June 9th 2022
In this article, we discuss if vaping leaves a smell on your clothes, and how you can keep your vape discreet.

Will Your Clothes Smell If You Vape?

Your clothes will not smell if you vape.

A concern that some people might have is the lingering smell that smoking creates. Smoking involves burning tobacco, which produces a distinct and smoky scent that lingers around. In clothes, in an enclosed car, and even at home. Some people do not fancy this smell, and first-time vapers might wonder if vaping does the same.

Fret not; vaping your kit or disposable ecigs leaves virtually no traces behind in terms of smell. In general, if you casually vape along the streets and in the open area occasionally, the scent will not linger. However, if you have been in an enclosed space for several hours and are surrounded by many vapes, then chances are that you’ll leave the room with the scent of vaping. Notice how the word “scent” is used to describe vapes instead of “smell”. “Scent” is something pleasant and welcoming, while “smell” is something that punches the nose and is undesirable.

There are various e-liquid flavourings to choose from. From fruit flavours to tropical dessert flavours, which smell inviting and pleasant.

How Do You Disguise A Vape?

Vape devices come in all shapes and sizes and can be disguised in many places such as a hoody, trouser pockets and backpack.

Vaping and e-cigarettes have been gaining a lot of attention and popularity recently, especially among the younger generation. Vaping is often regarded as the “safer” and “healthier” alternative to smoking, hence, its popularity.

Not everyone wants to flaunt the fact that they vape. Some may even vape discreetly and prefer not to reveal it to friends or family members.

Innovation is in the genes of the people of today’s day and age. People are constantly working their creative minds to come up with the next big thing, which applies to vaping devices' design. Today, all kinds of vape designs are disguised as everyday items. They blend well with the surroundings and attract little attention.

Wearing hoodies and hooded tops is one way to hide a vape in plain sight. All one has to do is slot the vape pen in one end of the specially designed tubed drawstring and the mouthpiece on the other end. The pen is to be placed in the front chest pocket. The vapour will be concealed within the drawstring’s tube when the individual vapes.

Specially designed backpacks work the same. You’ll have to slot the pen, tube, and mouthpiece within the straps, and then you can take it out or keep it whenever you want.

Other accessories that are designed to be vaping disguised include smartwatches and phone covers. A quick glance, and you won’t even notice that they are vaping devices.

And finally, common stationeries such as USB drives and pens are common items of disguise as well. Toss them into your backpack; no one will even second-guess them.

How Can I Hide My Vape Smell?

The best way to hide the smell of vaping is to open a window or use air fresheners or incense sticks.

The first no-brainer advice is to vape beside an opened window. Face the outside when you exhale. This way, the vapour and its smell will not cling onto other surfaces like your clothes or curtains.

Second, turn on that ceiling fan and air purifier instead of the air conditioner. At the same time, make sure your windows are opened for better air circulation.

Another simple way is to purchase air fresheners or essential oils. Their sole purpose is to spice up the scent of the space with their strong flavourings. Leave a bottle of essential oil open or give the room a quick spray of air freshener to mask the smell.

The last tip is for those who want a more natural solution. Place a few dishes of white vinegar around the space. White vinegar is effective in absorbing any smell. If this freaks you out, you could use a fruit and herb mixture as an alternative. Peppermint leaves, lemon wedges, and parsley would do the job.

Where Should I Hide My Vape?

Vape devices come in different shapes and sizes. They can be hidden in various places such as desk draws, hoodies, empty bottles or jars.

Vape pens and other types of electronic cigarette devices come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Depending on the size, you can easily find somewhere to hide your vape if you do not want anyone knowing you vape.

Empty cans and bottles. Not those see-through kind. I’m referring to soft drinks or beer cans you might frequently consume. If the can or bottle is there every day and the people around you know it, they will take that as a norm and probably will not even give it a second glance. 

But ultimately, you should ask yourself, why am I trying to hide my vape? If the answer is to do something illegal or nefarious then you should not be undertaking that activity. If you are trying to hide your vape because you are underage, you should seek medical advice quickly as you should not be vaping if you are under the legal age in your country.

Does Vape Stick To Clothes?

No, when vaping, the smell does not stick to clothes.

The simple and straightforward answer is no, vape does not stick to your clothes. Unlike smoking, which involves burning tobacco and producing strong-smelling smoke, vapours from your e-cigarette do not stick to your clothes if you vape casually and out in the open. Unless you’re in an enclosed space with many other vapers, the chances are that you’ll go about your day smelling normal!

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