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Can A Dog Smell A Vape?

Published 16 May 2022, Updated 9 April 2024

Can A Dog Smell A Vape?

Can A Dog Smell A Vape?

Yes, a dog can smell a vape but will more than likely pay no attention to it or try to find the source of the smell. Police K9 dogs can be trained to sniff out nicotine and vaping materials.

Once you receive vape products from our e cig store, dogs kept as pets will be able to smell a vape when it is being used, but the dog will more than likely pay no attention to this. You may notice that the dog is trying to figure out where the smell is coming from, but this is normal in a dog, and if a dog behaves like this, it is normal.

Some dogs, such as police K9 dogs, are trained to smell/sniff out nicotine or vaping materials such as cigarettes, disposable vapes, and vape juice. These trained dogs will be found in establishments such as airports and train stations to try and tackle the problem of nicotine and vaping products entering a country illegally.

Dogs have a fantastic sense of smell and can be easily trained. This is why they are used by so many law enforcement agencies worldwide, including police, border officials, and customs. With 300 million olfactory receptors in their nose, they are said to have a smell that is 10,000 times that of humans. Trained drug sniffer dogs can smell vape cartridges and pens depending on what substance is in the juice and cartridge. Police dogs can signal to detect what they have been trained to find, including cannabis and nicotine, from some law enforcement agencies.

If you have a vape juice or vape kit that contains an illicit substance, then the trained sniffer dogs will be able to detect this, no matter how the substance is disguised.

Dogs can smell a vape as the odour of flavours can seep through any plastic it may be packaged in and also because the scent or smell of the vape may contaminate other items such as clothing.

A dog can smell almost anything with professional training, no matter how faint the odour may be. With this in mind, to answer the question 'Can Dogs Smell A Vape?' the answer is yes.

You may be thinking about how dogs can detect a single smell from a mixture of different odours? Here's an example; when you smell the soup, you only smell the soup as a combined smell, whereas dogs can smell all the different ingredients used to prepare the soup, although they might not distinguish correctly without proper training.

Can dogs smell vape pens? Yes, they can. Is there a way to hide a vape away from drug-sniffing dogs? Yes, there is, but no guaranteed method is yet to come to light. Should you be worried? Yes, but only to a degree. Remember, a drug-sniffing dog can only smell your vape pen if it has been trained to detect specific scents.

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