Can Vape Juice Go In Fridge?

Published June 10th 2022
In this article, we discuss if vape juice can be stored in the fridge and if it lasts longer.

Can Vape Juice Go In Fridge?

Vape Juice can go in the fridge. However, be wary that the cool temperatures can affect the flavour of your e-liquid.

Putting your vape juice in the fridge can increase the shelf life of the e-liquid as heat and sunlight can affect the e-liquid and reduce its lifespan.

Many vapers decide to put their vape juice in a fridge to make it last longer. It is ok to do this; however, the most optimal storage is a cool, dry place. Vape juice contains Vegetable Glycerine, which has high sugar content. The VG will become crystalised in the fridge, causing the sugars to separate from the rest of the molecules. This will cause the e-liquid to lose its original taste, especially the sweetness of the VG. Bear this in mind if you are a high VG vaper who loves thick, dense clouds and maximum flavour.

If you decide to put your vape juice in the fridge, when it comes to using the e-liquid, make sure you allow it to sit at room temperature before vaping.

Moreover, a dark and cool place is also required for optimal storage. Temperature and humidity play a big part in vape juice lifespan.

Does Vape Juice Last Longer In The Fridge?

Vape Juice lasts longer in the fridge, as the molecules of the e-liquid have less energy, therefore not attracting bacteria that thrive in warmer conditions.

When it comes to storing vapes, there are quite a few elements. The fridge is great because it satisfies a few conditions required for extending the lifespan of vape and vape juice.

When it comes to vaping, the same is true. Even completely wrapped in their packaging, vape cartridges and bottles of e-juice are subject to elemental conditions. Most vape juice can last a maximum of 12-18 months in good conditions and, if kept properly, will still taste fresh and lovely!

As we mentioned above, vape juices should first and foremost be stored away from direct sunlight, preferably in a dark, cool place. Of course, with direct sunlight often comes heat.

Making sure it is in a cool and dark place is also great, and the issue with using drawers to store vape juice is that if you leave the drawers open by accident, it could still be in contact with direct sunlight. If not, your drawers could still be cluttered with other items you’re storing, and it can be hard to remember where you put them.

On the other hand, vape juice in the fridge is a match made in heaven since you always open the refrigerator for your everyday needs. However, if you intend to store your vape juice for long periods in the fridge, it may be worth considering using glass or tinted glass bottles rather than plastic. Plastic bottles, even if tightly sealed, can still allow air inside.

The optimum place for short-term storage of your e-liquid is a cool, dry place.

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