Why Does My Caliburn Taste Burnt?

Published May 4th 2022
This article discusses why your Caliburn tastes burnt and what you can do to prevent the burnt taste when using your vape.

Why Does My Caliburn Taste Burnt?

Feeling like your vape tastes burnt is a common experience for many. However, there are simple solutions to tackling this issue. The burnt taste is caused by the drying and burning out of the wick inside the atomiser coil in your vape.

So, what is the wick? The wick soaks up the liquid stored in the tank and is part of the vaporiser. The wick is responsible for holding your e-liquid before the liquid turns into vapour. When the wick does not work well, meaning that it is not saturated enough with e-liquid, then taking a puff would be what vapers call a ‘dry hit’. This is because it tastes like burnt newspaper and vapour clouds scratching your throat and tastes extremely foul.

On average, vape coils should last around 10-14 days. However, this time period definitely depends on the frequency of your vaping habits. If you vape your Caliburn kit less, it could last as long as a month, while others who vape more might need to change their coil every week. The device you use is also a factor that contributes to how long your vape can last. When your coil has been burnt, you have to change your coil. This can be frustrating to many, but you can take steps to ensure that your coil lasts longer.

Why Does My Caliburn Uwell Taste Burnt?

One of the reasons your Caliburn Uwell tastes burnt is that the coil is burnt out. If you notice that your coils burn out fast, it could point to two things—chain vaping and not priming your coil.

Chain vaping is when you take consecutive puffs of your vape without allowing for any time between your puffs. This causes your coil to burn very easily as you are not allowing for your wick to soak up enough e-liquid in time for your next puff. The drying out of your wick will cause it to burn out faster. Not priming your coil sufficiently also causes your wick to burn out within the first few hits, as coils need to be primed well before usage. This refers to preparing the wick by letting it soak in your e-liquid sufficiently. Skipping this step and heating your wick causes it to burn almost immediately, leaving you with nothing but a ‘dry hit’.

You should leave about 15-20 seconds between your puffs to avoid chain vaping. It is understandable if this means your vaping experience will be heavily compromised. Hence, we recommend switching out your vape liquid to juices with higher nicotine contents.

Before you take any puffs, make sure to soak the wick in your e-liquid by dripping small amounts of liquid down each of the coil holes. After doing so, leave your vape to rest for a while. When you are ready to vape, take a few dry puffs — this means not hitting the ignition button yet. Once you have done that, you are free to use your vape as per usual, and your puffs will taste better.

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