What Wattage Is A Caliburn?

Published May 4th 2022
This article looks at what wattage the Caliburn and Caliburn G vape devices are and whether it is possible to max out the wattage of a Caliburn.

What Wattage Is A Caliburn?

A Caliburn's wattage has a maximum output of 11 Watts. This wattage is ideal for keeping your device stable and from the overheating of the coils. When the vape is low on battery, the wattage would also decrease, so it is a good rule of thumb to keep your device charged.

Can You Max Out A Caliburn?

No, you cannot max out a Caliburn device. The Caliburn contains a circuit protector, which cuts off if you inhale for long periods. Inhaling for long periods at one time will decrease the life of your Caliburn pod.

A Caliburn pod lasts a regular 1-2 weeks. The Caliburn vape is a reputable brand with a reliable design; however, the frequency that the user hits the vape plays a part in how often the pod needs to be replaced. Compared to other vape devices, the Caliburn pods fare well in terms of longevity.

Beyond its contemporary and sleek design, the Caliburn internal system is durable and well-constructed. The device is made from aluminium alloy, which contributes to its durability and lightweight quality — the design of the Caliburn means that it can withstand a fair bit.

The skeleton of the Caliburn is what makes the device sturdy. Tough plastic is used as the primary material, making the device less prone to cracks. The pods also have a relatively strong magnetic gold-plated bond which ensures that the structure stays in place and allows for better airflow ventilation on both sides. Therefore, the overall stability of the pods allows the device to withstand more impactful max outs.

With a 520 mAh battery capacity, the Caliburn is typically able to last an entire day with a full charge. This is, however, based on an average watt usage of 11 Watts. Since the maximum output is 11 Watts, expect to charge your device more frequently if maxing out is something you often do.

What’s good about the Caliburn is that the charging duration is twice as fast as the JUUL and the battery capacity is also bigger. 45 minutes is all you need if you use the cable that comes with the package.

Here’s how you can deduce the battery life of your device. To switch on or off the device, click the button five times rapidly. After turning on the Caliburn, press the power button once. If the button displays a shade of green, it means that the battery is more than 60% charged. Blue implies a battery range between 30% and 60%. Finally, red means that the battery percentage is below 30%.

Generally, the Caliburn provides a looser draw that is light and comfortable. The well-constructed Caliburn pods allow for better airflow, resulting in a smoother throat puff.

Is The Caliburn G 15W Or 18W?

The Caliburn G has an 18W pod system, but the maximum output for this device is 15 watts. This is a substantially higher wattage than the regular Caliburn that only pushes 11 watts. The higher wattage also means that it adds more power to the coil, so when you exhale, the vape clouds will be much bigger, and each puff will be warmer.

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