How Long Does A Caliburn Last?

Published May 3rd 2022
This article looks at the different types of Caliburn devices and how long they last.

How Long Does A Caliburn Last?

8–12 hours.

A Caliburn generally lasts as long as the e-juice or the coil lasts. The e-liquid, or the juice, is a strict 50/50 ratio between VG and PG, the two main components of most e-liquids; the Caliburn is most limited by its battery capacity and how often it is used.

Being a pod-based vape system, Caliburn tends to have its pods be good for about one to two weeks before their pods start tasting funny. A slightly burnt taste might accompany a drop-off in flavour. The e-liquid, as seen through the see-through window on the Caliburn, may begin to appear white and murky.

This means you should change the pod since the coils will not be replaceable. If you puff at a reasonable rate and don’t have any difficulty inhaling or the taste of the liquid, you should refill the Caliburn pod when the e-liquid falls below the MIN line.

How Long Does Caliburn Battery Last?

8-12 hours

Caliburn vape pens generally have a battery capacity between eight to twelve hours. On a frequent charge, they should be able to last their full duration without any difference in quality.

How Long Does Caliburn A2 Last?

8-12 hours.

The Caliburn A2 lasts about a whole workday. The A2 contains a 520mAh battery and an output wattage of 15w. This is comparable to the G2, as since the wattage is lower, the power consumption will be lower, and thus, the smaller battery capacity is used up in just about the same amount of time.

One key thing to note is while the battery can be recharged and should only be changed or tossed away if there is any leakage or bloating, the pods should be replaced and refilled often. Each Caliburn pod contains a fixed amount of e-liquid and a heating coil. This heating coil does not last forever. Most users report it lasting anywhere from one to two weeks, with light vapers being able to stretch that duration up to just over 21 days.

In general, if your e-liquid is hitting the MIN line, you should refill it. This is one of the ways you may experience dry hits or damage the coil further. The coil is the thing you want to cherish the most here, so when you are refilling your e-juice, take special care to use a cotton swab or a q-tip to clean the residue left by old e-liquid.

The Caliburn tends to also have a tell when the heating coils in its pods are dying out, which is the flavour, a very strong point of the Caliburn. In particular, the smooth A2 tends to drop off and taste quite burnt. At this point, you definitely should change it.

So, in general, about one to two weeks.

How Do I Charge My A2 Caliburn?

The A2 Caliburn device is connected with a Type-C USB located at the bottom of the device.

Like many in the Caliburn lineup, the A2 is part of the newer generation of not just Caliburn but general pod-based vape kits that use Type-C inputs. USB Type-C has often been lauded as the “connector of the future”, and for a good reason. While most phones and computers use their ability to transmit data and broadcast with lightning functionality, Caliburn's type-c port is only for charging.

You should charge your A2 Caliburn by plugging it into either a laptop charger that ends in a type-C plus or a handphone charger with the USB-A (the rectangular side) plugged into an adapter.

How Long Does Caliburn G2 Battery Last?

The Caliburn G2 battery should last around 24 hours.

The Caliburn G2 battery lasts quite a long time. Despite the pocket-friendly, lightweight attributes of the Caliburn G2, Caliburn has managed to fit in enough power-saving options along with battery optimisation to create a battery on a device that seems to last precisely as long as you need it to.

The Caliburn G2 battery is 750mAh, and the Caliburn G2 has an output power of a low 18W. This is because the Caliburn G2 is made for Mouth to Lung vaping, which is sometimes abbreviated as MTL. MTL vaping gives up large dense vapour clouds with smooth, concentrated puffs closer to traditional smoking, without all the health downsides.

In everyday use, with an average amount of puffs per hour, the Caliburn G2 should last just about 12 hours or a regular workday. While this might not be so good if you’re the kind that isn’t so diligent about charging their portable power banks and devices, the Caliburn G2 can still be a useful backup device for you to bring out for short trips. This way, you’ll only have the vape active for a couple of hours at a time as you are running errands. This makes the G2 worthwhile still.

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