Can You Put Regular Vape Juice In A Salt Vape?

Published March 31st 2021
Today we answer one of the most commonly asked questions about the compatibility of normal e-liquids with a device that is designed for nic salts.

By using regular vape juice in a pod device rather than nicotine salts, there is no inherent difference in the vaporisation of that particular vape juice. Therefore, it is possible to use regular vape juice in a salt vape. nicotine shot calculator 

However, pod devices - that are generally used in conjunction with nicotine salts - are generally of higher resistance. This means that they do not vaporise juice as efficiently as the more powerful modular devices. This allows for a more consistent, steady and enjoyable delivery of nicotine salt to the bloodstream. 

The final factor to consider in deciding whether to use regular vape juice in pod devices is the VG/PG ratio of the juice. As pod devices are generally of a higher resistance, they do have difficulty in vaporising thicker VG vape juice. Because of this, we would recommend sticking to a 50/50 VG/PG ratio in most pod devices. 

Whilst you will still be able to use regular vape juice, because of the higher VG e-liquid you may experience shorter coil/cartridge lifespan.

Written by IndeJuice Editorial
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