Why Do I Get Dizzy When I Vape?

Published May 18th 2022
Feeling dizzy or sick after vaping? In this article, we take a closer look at the reasons for this and what you can do to avoid it.

Why Do I Get Dizzy When I Vape?

The dizziness that occurs when vaping primarily comes from the nicotine content inside the E-liquid you are using. Nicotine is a stimulant that has a distinct effect on the nervous system, resulting in the user feeling lightheadedness or dizzy feeling sensation when the body is not used to nicotine.

The dizziness you may experience when vaping results from a drastic change in the balance of neurochemicals in the brain, which can cause users to share a lightheaded feeling that is very similar to feeling dizzy and disorientated. This sensation will usually only last for a couple of minutes, and it is caused due to the nicotine quickly rushing to the brain, which results in a dizzy-like feeling.

For users who have recently switched from smoking cigarettes to vaping e-liquids, you may still experience this dizzy, lightheaded feeling. This is down to how vaping carries nicotine into your body differently from regular cigarettes. Vaping allows the nicotine to affect the body more abruptly, especially in cases where you are using a high nicotine content or are using salt-based nicotine e-liquids, which are more effective.

This means that the body may be used to the standard method of nicotine delivery found in smoking cigarettes and will need time to adapt to the new process of intaking nicotine.

There are ways of trying to avoid this happening:

Be Mindful Of Your Nicotine Strength

when vaping, you will have to consider your nicotine strength. Using an e-liquid with a higher nicotine content than what your body is used to can cause this dizzy feeling sensation, and if you are experiencing this, then try using a lower nicotine level.

Know The Type Of Nicotine

Knowing the type of nicotine you are vaping is very important. You will have the option to use freebase e-liquid, which can be found in several strengths ranging from 0mg nicotine to 18mg nicotine strength, and then there are nicotine salt liquids. Nic salt e-liquid is salt-based nicotine, which gets into the bloodstream much quicker than freebase, making it more effective. Please take into consideration that this quicker delivery of nicotine could cause dizziness.

Be Conscious Of How Often You Are Vaping

You will have to take into consideration how much you may be vaping. Vaping an excessive amount can cause this lightheaded, dizzy-like sensation due to the body not being used to the amount of nicotine being inhaled. Unlike a cigarette, a vape doesn't finish, so the novelty of being able to continuously vape can lead to feeling this dizzy-like sensation.

What To Do If You Feel Sick After Vaping?

When vaping, vapers may experience feeling sick or nauseous; this can be due to several things from too much nicotine content, the e-liquid you are using being too sweet, and in some cases, even being allergic to certain ingredients in an e-liquid.

If you are using a vape quite often or more than you usually would, you may notice that you start to feel sick or nauseous. This is due to your body not being used to this much nicotine, which can cause the user to experience a dizzy-like feeling and feel sick.

Using a very sweet e-juice can also cause feeling sick after vaping, as some of the vape juice available on the market is extremely sweet. If you are not used to sweet flavours when vaping, this could make a user start to feel sick as the flavour could be very overpowering.

In rare cases, it has been found that some users are allergic to some of the ingredients inside the e-liquids, such as flavouring, sweeteners and high PG e-liquids. Suppose a user is allergic to any of these ingredients. In that case, the body will not agree with them, which can cause the user to experience a sick like feeling and nausea and can even make a user physically sick in rare cases.

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