Are All Vape Tanks Compatible?

Published April 28th 2022
In this article, we'll take a closer look at the compatibility of vape tanks and whether they can be used in different types of kits.

Are All Vape Tanks Compatible?

If you are using a mod and a tank, most tanks and mods are compatible as long as both have 510 thread connectors. However, some setups may provide an unsatisfactory vape which could lead to vaping more or slowly ruining the battery.

A vape tank that requires more power than your mod is capable of producing will not give you a good vape, and you may find yourself vaping more. Therefore using more vape juice than necessary should you have been using a mod box capable of powering the tank satisfactorily.

The converse is also true; should you have an overpowered mod on a tank could potentially be dangerous. It may also vaporise the e-liquid extremely quickly and possibly burn the coil head much quicker than if you were using a tank capable of handling the power emitted by the mod.

When you are customising your build between a tank and mod box, please exercise care and research the power capabilities of the mod, ensuring that the tank you have equipped is capable of handling the power given.

Pod systems

Pod systems are not designed to be interchangeable between the power source and 'tank'. The internal batteries have been manufactured only to take the pod that it comes with.

Do All Vape Tanks Fit All Mods?

Yes, as long as both the mod and tank have a 510 connector. It is pretty much a standard across all vape device manufacturers that 510 connectors are the standard, whether it is a mod box (the power unit) which has the female connector into the tank that has the male counter.

Some may problems may arise should the tank you have installed on your mod require more power than your mod is capable of providing. Should this occur, you will need to either downgrade your tank to one that works well within the power range of your mod; or upgrade your mod to one that is powerful enough to provide the tank with the power it needs to vaporise the e-liquid.

Can I Use Any Vape Tank?

You can use any vape tank; as long as both tank and mod have a 510 connector, it will be compatible.

In some instances, this may provide an unsatisfying vaping experience due to the tank requiring more power than the mod is capable of providing. Should the mod be too powerful for the tank you have installed on it, you may experience a burnt taste due to the coil heads being unable to handle the power going through them. In some instances, this can also be dangerous.

It is always good practice to research the power capabilities of your mod and ensure the tank is capable of handling the current passing through them. Should your tank require more or less power, most advanced mods allow you to adjust the power settings to one that is optimum for the tank installed. Be sure to read the instruction manual of the tank to know the wattage range that is best for the tank.

If you'd like to learn more about vape tanks, check out our article on are all vape tanks the same size and when should I change my vape tank for more insight.

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