Is The Smok Nord 4 Good For Beginners?

Published February 6th 2023
This article discusses whether a beginner vaper can use the Nord 4 and how to set the Puff counter manually.

Is The Smok Nord 4 Good For Beginners?

The SMOK Nord 4 pod system vape kit is an ideal choice for beginners just getting into vaping as this device allows beginners to easily experience both MTL or DTL vaping styles with next to no fuss, depending on which coil has been inserted.

Easy To Use

The SMOK Nord 4 device is a straightforward vaping kit to get to grips with. The device features only three buttons; The fire button, which is used to fire the device and turn it on/off and two small buttons underneath the OLED screen that allow you to adjust the wattage level for more or less power.

As well as being extremely easy to function, the innovative pod system technology on the Nord 4 makes replacing coils and refilling hassle-free and mess-free. The coils are replaced by pulling out the old one and replacing it with a fresh one, and refilling is done by removing the leak-proof rubber bung to reveal the fill hole before closing it back up using the rubber bung.

Multiple pod/coil choices

Another feature that makes the SMOK Nord 4 a suitable device for beginners has the option to use different pods and coils to result in a slightly different vaping experience.

The Nord 4 currently offers two different pods, the RPM pod and the RPM2 pod; these 2ml pods will allow you to use the original RPM coils and the RPM2 coils in the compatible pod. These available coils also come in different Ohm resistances, allowing this device to be vaped in MTL and DTL vaping styles.

How Do You Clear Puffs On Nord 4?

The SMOK Nord 4 features a puff counter that shows how many puffs on the vape you have taken on the small OLED screen. The puff counter will count up to 999 before it automatically resets itself back to zero. Still, if you want to clear this manually, you need to hold the down and fire buttons simultaneously, and the counter should return to zero.

Puff Counter

The SMOK Nord 4 has a puff counter feature that will show you exactly how many times you have inhaled on the vaping device on the small OLED screen. This can be very useful for many people who want to try and work out how many puffs it takes them to get through a 2ml pod of e-liquid to begin and then cut down.

The puff counter will count up to 999 puffs before automatically resetting itself and going back to zero, but this can be manually reset by pressing the down button and the fire button simultaneously until the puff counter shows zero.

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