Is SMOK A Good Brand?

Published August 12th 2022
Is SMOK a good vape brand? Here's the answer to a few commonly asked questions about this popular vape brand.

Is SMOK A Good Brand?

Yes, SMOK is one of the most reputable and BEST-KNOWN vape brands in the world. SMOK offers vape kits and products suitable for any vaper, from small, discreet pen-style devices to huge, cloud-chasing mods, whilst still incredibly reliable.

SMOK is a hugely popular brand thanks to its vast variety of products, from vape pens and vape mods, Pod systems and tanks, and coils; now, they even manufacture disposable vape devices. The wide variety of products means that SMOK will undoubtedly have something to offer for every style of vaping.

If you are a vaper that enjoys producing a natural amount of cloud and getting satisfaction from nicotine, then one of SMOK's smaller devices, such as the SMOK Novo 2, would be ideal. If you were someone who prefers an intense flavour and massive cloud production, then one of the SMOK mod vape devices would be worth looking at, such as the SMOK T Storm.

Top 5 SMOK Products.

  1. SMOK RPM 4 Kit - The SMOK RPM 4 is the upgrade to the RPM 40, one of SMOK's previous pod vape kits that became very popular very quickly. The RPM 4 now houses a much more elegant and ergonomic design. Whilst also extremely light, this device still has a reputable battery life and a surprising amount of power delivery, making this an excellent choice for a smaller-sized sub-ohm vape kit.
  2. SMOK Nord 4 Kit - The SMOK Nord 4 is the latest device released in the Nord series. The SMOK Nord 4 proves why it is one of the best pod devices by delivering intense flavour and powerful wattage delivery and also has a relatively small and almost palm-sized design.
  3. SMOK TFV8 Tank - The SMOK TFV8 tank was released several years back in 2016 and still proves to be one of the best products SMOK has released to this day, thanks to its reliability. The TFV8 tank is an updated and upgraded version of the SMOK TFV4 tank, and SMOK themselves have given the TFV8 the nickname of 'Cloud Beast Tank' thanks to the huge cloud production that is possible with this product.
  4. SMOK Nord 4 RPM 2 Coils - The SMOK Nord 4 RPM is a sub-ohm coil designed to produce a huge cloud production in such a small device. These coils are just one of SMOK's most reliable coils, and another reason why these are so popular in particular is due to the fact they are compatible with more than just one device, meaning that they can fit certain other vape kits to allow them to perform similar to a SMOK vape.
  5. SMOK T-Storm Sub-ohm Kit - The SMOK T-storm is easily one of if not the best sub-ohm devices they have released so far. The T-storm has a chunky design making it very easy to hold. Still, the device itself has the capability of being able to produce massive clouds of vapour and will also deliver a strong, intense amount of flavour, which is what makes this a top SMOK product.

How Long Does SMOK Last?

The battery life of most SMOK products will differentiate how long they last. For example, the SMOK Novo 2 device, one of SMOK's most popular devices, has a battery life that, on average, will last between 2 and 3 days before the battery completely depletes.

As SMOK products come in so many different shapes and sizes, the battery life is different on almost all products. Some products even house external batteries, which means that how long the device lasts depends on the size of the external batteries inside the device. Still, a common and average battery life is around 2 and 3 days depending on the usage.

How Safe Is SMOK?

SMOK products are classed as safe as all of their products are tested and regulated to make sure that they comply with all regulations. Still, it is essential that you avoid vaping if you are underage, pregnant woman, or parents that are breastfeeding. It is best for you not to vape if you are at risk of Diabetes, High blood pressure or Heart disease, and also if you are taking any medication for asthma or depression.

SMOK is one of the world's leading brands in the vaping industry. They have earned this title thanks to their extremely reliable products being tested to ensure that their products can be sold safely and legally to the public. SMOK's products are tested and regulated to ensure the customer's safety.

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