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Can You Really Buy Good Quality E-liquid For £1

Published 12 April 2020, Updated 9 April 2024

Can You Really Buy Good Quality E-liquid For £1

The real answer to this question belongs to the old adage: you get what you pay for.

We’ve seen the billboards plastered all over the UK, but is it really possible to buy good quality e-liquid for a £1? The short answer to this question is yes, it is possible if the e-liquid is from a reputable brand and is discounted or part of a deal, but if the standard price is at £1 then you should be wary of these e-liquid brands.

e-Liquid Cost Breakdown

Diving a little more deeply into this, we can break down the cost of e-liquid into 4 main components: vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, flavourings and nicotine.


The first two ingredients of vape juice (VG and PG) are relatively inexpensive and very easily attainable as they have been available in the pharmaceutical industry for decades.


Top quality liquid nicotine has also been synthesised in labs for decades and is a relatively inexpensive ingredient.


The third component of vape liquid is the flavourings. Unlike the unflavoured VG, PG and nicotine, a lot of time, effort and resources goes into the research and development of flavourings, the natural extraction process and the marketing of the flavour houses. This expensive cost may already be familiar to you if you have purchased standard household flavourings for cakes or other projects such as a bottle of vanilla extract or flavouring. This is generally the most expensive element of vape juice.


Overall Conclusion

As such, when seeing a vape juice advertised for £1, the main difference in quality will be down to the flavourings used. Whilst these £1 juices may have passed compliance tests, the quality of the flavourings is likely to be substantially inferior to more premium brands. This can result in a number of complications.

The first is that these vape juices are more likely to impact your coil life resulting in higher costs for you in the long run due to the low quality flavourings used to achieve a low price. Secondly, the flavours available will be limited to very simple singular and boring recipes. Where a brand advertises £1 e-liquid and the flavour is only “apple” for instance, it would cost twice the amount to create a “watermelon and apple” flavour due to the doubling of flavouring costs.

Finally, it is also extremely likely that e-liquids that have been marketed as £1 have flavourings that have been sourced from foreign territories where regulatory requirements to manufacture those flavourings are significantly lower than that of the United Kingdom or Europe. This can result in some unwanted ingredients in the flavourings for which the effects may be currently unknown when compares to the strict regulation in the UK and Europe.

Whether you are seeking more affordable e-liquid or premium e-juices that have taken the time to source rare flavourings concentrates, with over 7,000 flavours, IndeJuice is able to cater for all vapers. The best place to find current deals from reputable vape juice brands is on our vape juice deals page.

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