Why Do Vape Batteries Explode?

Published August 6th 2021
Vape batteries are one of the most important components when it comes to vaping. Find out how to use them safely here.

Modern vape batteries are great - they're well designed and come with safety features to protect you when using e-cigarettes. For instance, there's a wrap on each battery that protects the positive pin from accidental contact. In addition, if one of these accidents happens, an isolator will prevent any shorting between the two halves of a battery.

This vape guide will highlight the key safety tips you need to know when using lithium-ion batteries for your vape mod to avoid dangerous situations.

The Biggest Cause of Exploding Vape Batteries

If there is one thing you need to know about batteries for e-cigarettes, it's their AMP rating. When using mechanical mod e-cigarettes, don't build too low. The biggest cause of vape battery explosions is going too low with the resistance or ohms of your vape coil and drawing out more amperage than the battery can handle.

Regulated box mod vape devices can be perfect for sub-ohm vaping, even if you are not as experienced at building coils. With built-in safety circuity, the chip in these vaping devices will keep your voltage and wattage within safety limits while also reading your atomizer's resistance to ensure it stays safe.

The lockable buttons on some of these mods is a great feature too, but what makes them so much safer than other products like mech mods are their built-in features that won't let you exceed the maximum amps allowed by your lithium-ion battery - which is the main cause of vape battery explosions.

Samsung 18650 Batteries

When it comes to e-cigarette batteries, brand name lithium batteries such as the Samsung 18650 batteries are a safe bet. However, for battery safety, you must be cautious not to mix different battery ratings when using more than one battery in your vape mod.

The Samsung 25A are they're rated at 2500maH but can actually provide 20 continuous amps. To be as cautious and diligent as possible when calculating your build's power requirements for your e-cigarette, treat the rating on these Samsung as 18A or 19A so you'll never risk drawing too much amperage. If this limit is reached, your battery temperature will rise quickly, and venting may occur, which would cause some serious problems for your battery.

Compared with the 25A batteries described above, the 3000mAh Samsung 30Q lithium-ion battery is slightly larger in battery capacity, so it lasts a little longer. However, the same safety recommendations apply to this battery as you must ensure that you are never building lower resistance coils than the continuous discharge can handle.


Authentic LG batteries are great. Customers should be aware that they are among the most copied and counterfeited batteries. LG is a popular brand of electronics, which means that it's also quite commonly copied or replicated for profits by unscrupulous traders in countries with low labour costs.

The dangers of using fake batteries for your e-cigarette are very similar to the dangers of using non-paired batteries. One of the most important things you can do to stay safe is to have two sets of batteries in your mod and keep them paired. You should never use one set with a different set together because the mAh rating and draw rate will be drastically different, leading to overheating or other safety hazards.

Battery Wraps

Battery wraps are a great way to stay protected when using a vape battery. They are a thin but durable layer that covers the positive side of your battery. These wraps will isolate the battery from direct contact with another substance to prevent damage or shorting out.

Battery wraps are heat-shrinkable plastic wrap that is wrapped around the battery to protect it from damage. However, one downside of this product is that you have to apply enough heat for it to take shape and cover your device's batteries because they're designed so compactly already. This means adding more temperature onto something with such sensitive components could be risky if done improperly, which can cause irreversible harm.

If you would like to use a battery wrap, the best option is to take it to a battery specialist to get it professionally wrapped. That way, you can rest assured that they will take all the necessary safety precautions to protect you from your own mistakes. As vape specialists, we at IndeJuice are more than happy to help you with this option - contact us for more information on how we can help wrap your batteries safely.

Battery Charging Vape Mods

Charging your vape mod or e-cigarette with an external charger has many advantages, including faster charging and more even charging that is key for long-term battery health. Additionally, unlike a vape mod device, if the external charger fails, it will not provide power to the battery that would otherwise cause overheating and potential explosion.

Charging your vaping battery directly through your e-cigarette mod can cause slower charge times due to uneven voltage distribution between cells resulting in poorer overall longevity on batteries when performed over time.

When it comes to chargers, the cheaper ones are not worth your money. Invest in a charger like Nitecore i2 & i4 bay charger, which will charge batteries evenly and at an even rate. Once charged, make sure you put them into a rubber battery sleeve, or they'll short out with other metal objects that can cause overheating and battery explosions.

Battery Charging Vape Pens

If you are using an e-cigarette such as a vape pen that does not have a removable battery, you will need to charge the entire device without using an external bay charger.

To stay safe with these smaller vaping products, you should always use the charging cable that comes with the device. Never plug your vape pen into something other than a dedicated charging cable to ensure the correct amperage or wattage.

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