Are Vape Pens Allowed In Disneyland?

Published May 26th 2022
This article details what you need to know about vaping in Disney Land resorts and how you can stay on the right side of Disneyland policies!

Are Vape Pens Allowed In Disneyland?

Vape pens and Cigarettes are restricted inside Disneyland. You must go outside the premises of Disneyland to vape or smoke.

Along with the accompaniment of wagons, coolers, glass containers, outside alcohol, selfie sticks, folding chairs, masks, skateboards, wrapped gifts, weapons, and much more, cigarettes and e-smoking devices such as e-cigarettes and disposable vape pens are restricted items at Disneyland as of 29th March of 2019.

Both Disneyland Parks and Walt Disney World Resorts will prohibit smoking and vaping. There used to be dedicated, authorised smoking spots inside both attractions; however, they have ceased to exist. Outside, off-site, permitted outdoor smoking sites will be accessible, while smoking rooms among Disneyland Resort hotels and restaurants in Disney Springs can still be arranged.

Can You Bring Vapes Into Disney?

You cannot bring vapes into Disneyland.

What you're allowed and aren't allowed to bring into Disneyland is governed by Disney. Still, these rules are regularly updated as customers demand new regulations to make their experiences more pleasant. Smoking and vaping will no longer be permitted in their American theme parks, water parks and ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex — this includes the extremely popular Disneyland. Alternatively, authorised smoking areas will only exist beyond their parks at other Disney locales such as their Disney Resort hotels, their dining and entertainment districts within Disney Springs, and an area outside of specific park entries.

Consequently, these revised smoking rules also apply to the use of vapes at Disney locales. And while regulations do not explicitly ban vapes, e-cigarettes and cigarettes from entering Disney venues, their usage of them is discouraged.

Can You Bring A Vape Into Epcot?

You cannot bring a vape into Epcot.

Epcot is a popular theme park in the Walt Disney World Resorts. As a Disney property, Disney regulations on prohibited items and activities apply to your visit to Epcot. All in all, Disney theme park goers pay a lot to visit and be ensured a fun and safe trip.

Upon arrival at any Disney park, including Epcot, you will be greeted, and your luggage and prams will be inspected. Personnel will be on the lookout for what appears to be tens of forbidden products that violate the regulations and local law.

Any form of personal protection items, such as ammo, blades, or any weapon, is one of the most significant objects they are searching for. The same may be said of cannabis. Even though several states have begun to modify their rules regarding its use, it is still forbidden within Disney parks, irrespective of its location.

Apart from objects, a long list of different activities is prohibited from the Epcot. For example, unauthorised sale of products and services, unauthorised entry into backstage areas, and even something as silly as dressing up or impersonating any Disney character in the park.

One of the more significant newly added rules is smoking and vaping on the park premises. At Epcot, all authorised smoking sites have been stripped away from the parklands as of the 1st of May, 2019. You must now exit the park to vape and smoke at approved smoking sites beyond the park.

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