Can You Travel With A Vape In Carry-On?

Published May 24th 2022
This article discusses how you transport a vape in preparation for your next flight and which luggage is more appropriate.

Can You Travel With A Vape In Carry-On?

You can travel with a vape in carry on luggage only.

Travelling with a vape or disposable ecig is not as simple as travelling with conventional cigarettes or other standard tobacco products — different baggage rules apply. Vaping devices are only permitted to be taken abroad in carry-ons. Electronic devices containing liquids and rechargeable lithium batteries pose aircraft safety risks in check-in luggage. Additional efforts must also be taken to prevent the heating component of the product from accidentally activating when transporting it.

As a golden rule, do not pack your vape into check-in baggage, and remember to check the ever-changing regulations for different regions or countries before doing so. Typically, as long as you follow the laws for travelling with liquids and batteries, you should have no problems.

Being able to travel with a vape does not mean you’ll be able to use it anywhere you want. Unless you're in an authorized smoking location, you’ll have to keep it safe in your luggage. You may look for authorised smoking areas within airports, but those spaces are usually not boldly advertised — if the maps and signs are of no help, get an employee’s help.

How Do You Transport A Vape?

Vaping devices that have an in-built battery or a battery should be taken in your carry-on luggage.

Safety is the most crucial consideration when transporting electronic vaping devices, as their rechargeable lithium batteries can be dangerous for air travel. At high altitudes, the shift in air pressure poses a slim threat — a common reason why batteries are transported by land.

For a majority of airline operators, the restrictions for carrying your vape on an aircraft are typically related to the liquid and battery components of a vape. Firstly, any vaping equipment with an integrated battery or any gadget with a battery fitted within ought to be stored and switched off in your carry-on luggage. Keep all extra backup batteries in your onboard-accompanied luggage. Additional batteries should be stored in insulated cases to protect the metal connectors from contact with other metal items.

Secondly, along with the device itself, you’ll also have to pack the accompanying vape juice cartridges according to airline regulations. As much as imposed limits on travel with any other gels and liquids like liquid body soap, containers filled with vape juice and e-liquid-filled vape tanks or pods are also covered. A bottle of vape juice must be below 100ml.

All these liquid goods must then be kept in a single zip-lock bag, which must then be taken out and offered for separate examination when passing through respective airport security gates.

However, since you cannot vape on board, you could alternatively store it within your check-in luggage as there are no restrictions on liquids in checked luggage. Especially if your carry-on belongings already contain the maximum allowance onboard, consider this method as you are not restricted from bringing more vape juice in your check-in luggage. As you would for carry-ons, packing your extra juice cartridges and tanks in sealed zip-lock bags is a smart idea in case they spill. The regulations for carrying your vape onboard a flight may appear stringent, but it is necessary to reduce the chance of ignition to the greatest extent.

To be able to use your vape, you’ll need to buy replacement e-liquid, coils or batteries at your destination. Research the vaping laws before your trip, as you cannot always be sure that vaping items will be as readily available as they are in your region. If you’re lucky, they could be easy to find — on the flip side, hard to find or banned.

What Happens If I Put My Vape In My Checked Bag?

Putting your vape device in your checked baggage is dangerous. Expect airport security to question you if your vape device and batteries are in checked luggage.

Lithium batteries, commonly in vapes, are more prone to combust or ignite in the cargo storage area than in the pressurised sealed cabin of a plane; therefore, you can't just throw your vape into your checked luggage.

On the other hand, in carry-on luggage, the compressed air assists the device and battery in performing as intended. So, do not even think about nonchalantly tossing it into check-in baggage — unless you have removed its batteries. If you want to store your vape device in your check-in baggage, you're only able to do so if its battery has been taken out.

If you’re not taking such precautions, expect your vape to be confiscated by airport security officials. We want to stress the importance of prior research about vape laws in your destination again — because, in the worst-case scenario, you could be in legal trouble.

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