What Type Of Nic Shots Should I Use With Sweet Juices?

Published August 9th 2022
Wondering what to add to your sweet e-liquid? Read on to find out what nicotine shots you should add to your juices!

What Type Of Nic Shots Should I Use With Sweet Juices?

Depending on the result you're aiming for, a nic-shot suspended in 50VG/50PG is a great option compared to a 100% VG nicotine shot, as VG is naturally very sweet, further enhancing the sweetness of your juice.

Vegetable Glycerine is a liquid derived from vegetable oil; the consistency is thicker viscosity and carries a sweeter flavour when compared to PG.

Much off-the-shelf liquid nicotine comes suspended in 100% VG, but the ratios can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Choosing nic shots with a higher percentage of VG will increase the overall sweetness of your juice. Therefore you may wish to try a different brand with a more balanced VGPG ratio, such as a 5050 or 7030 blend.

Be aware of the device you are using, as added VG will thicken the juice, which may not be compatible with your vape. Also, it is essential to note that VG is not a great carrier of flavour as it is much thicker; it produces a much smoother throat hit which may be a welcome addition for some, but those looking for the familiar sensation from smoking this may not work.

What Type Of Nic Shots Should I Use With Tobacco Flavour?

Using a nic-shot suspended In a higher percentage of PG is a great option leading to a more intense throat hit, favoured by ex-smokers, and it is highly similar to a cigarette. Not only that, but a lower VG proportion in your juice will ensure that the tobacco-flavoured e-liquid you are using isn't over-sweetened.

Depending on the manufacturer of the liquid nicotine you are purchasing will determine the VGPG ratio you are using. Freebase nicotine shots are usually suspended in either 100% VG or a higher proportion of VG (e.g. 7030 or 6040). Should you find that 100% VG-based nicotine is too sweet for your taste buds, it is probably best to try and vape a 5050VGPG blend in your shortfall, as PG is less sweet than VG.

Nicotine salt shots are usually suspended in a 7030 or 5050 VGPG ratio. Depending on your personal preference (freebase or salt nicotine) will determine what nicotine type you should use in your shortfill juice. If you are unfamiliar with both, purchasing a nicotine salt shot and freebase nicotine with the same juice may be best—experiment with both vaping and stick to the one you prefer.

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