Should I Use PG Or VG Nicotine?

Published August 1st 2022
This will help you decide what type of nicotine e-liquid is best for you.

Should I Use PG Or VG Nicotine?

Depending on what you prefer your vapour production to feel like, you may choose a higher VG or PG. A higher ratio of VG, such as 70/30, will provide you with a smoother vapour and an enormous cloud. Whereas juices with a higher PG or equal VG and PG will achieve a better throat hit, providing you with a higher nicotine strength and smaller cloud.

Let's take a closer look at the pros and cons of each type of eliquid:

Pros of a higher VG e-liquid.

  • More significant cloud production - perfect for cloud chasers
  • Lower nicotine output
  • Smoother throat hit
  • Sweeter liquid, meaning a sweeter overall flavour
  • Great for direct-to-lung vaping

Cons of a higher VG e-liquid.

  • It needs to be used with a high wattage device.
  • Can clog up the coil due to the thickness of the liquid, needs to be paired with a low resistance coil.
  • Not a great option for smokers as it is not mouth to lung
  • It doesn't provide much nicotine or a substantial throat hit as smokers are used to.
  • It creates big clouds, which is not great for people who prefer to be discrete.
  • It can taste too sweet for some

Pros of a higher PG e-liquid

  • Suitable carrier of nicotine - You can get a higher strength of nicotine.
  • Stronger throat hit
  • Not as much of a cloud production as with a higher VG
  • Mouth-to-lung vaping perfect for ex-smokers
  • A substantial amount of flavour
  • It can be used with a basic device
  • Large range of flavours

Cons of a higher PG e-liquid

  • Harsher throat hit
  • A smaller cloud for those who are cloud chasers
  • Higher nicotine production
  • Not suitable with a high wattage device or a low resistance coil
  • Not great for people who prefer direct to lung style of vaping

Does PG Or VG Make More Smoke?

The ingredient vegetable glycerin (VG), which you will find in almost every e-liquid, has the ability to create bigger clouds. So juices containing more VG than PG paired with a high wattage device and a low resistance coil create the perfect setup for more extensive vapour production.

How to get the biggest cloud

  1. Using a high wattage device
  2. Paired with a low-resistance coil (mesh coils are recommended)
  3. Make sure the wick is sustainable with this method of vaping
  4. Choosing an e-liquid with a VG percentage higher than the PG
  5. Maximise the airflow of the device
  6. Inhale using the direct-to-lung method of vaping
  7. Slowly exhale

How to produce a smaller cloud

  1. Choosing a device with prefixed settings, usually less complicated vapes come readily prepared.
  2. Make sure to use a low wattage device with a high resistance coil
  3. Chose an e-liquid where the VG isn't as high as the PG, such as 60/40 or, more commonly, 50/50
  4. Inhale using the mouth-to-lung method like you would a cigarette
  5. Exhale when ready

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