How Do You Know When Your Vape Liquid Is Oxidised?

Published July 25th 2022
Here's everything to look out for regarding your vape juice oxidising.

How Do You Know When Your Vape Liquid Is Oxidised?

The most obvious way of knowing if your liquid is oxidised is by observing the colour; if your vape juice has started to become darker in colour or has begun to turn dark orange or brown, then this is a clear sign that your vape juice is becoming oxidised.

Oxidisation is a process that happens when the oxygen in the air is let into the eliquid bottle. As you regularly have to open your bottle of vape juice to refill your tank or pod, this process cannot be avoided, but this process poses no threat and is entirely safe as long as the vape juice is not excessively old.

This oxidation process will happen quicker for a vape juice with a high nicotine volume. For example, 12mg or 18mg will oxidise faster than 5mg e-liquids.

While the colour of the juice is the key sign to look out for when knowing if your juice is oxidised or not, you may also be able to tell from a change in the taste of the liquid and also the way it feels whilst inhaling.

If you notice that your juice is beginning to taste slightly different than it once did, in some cases, it can have a more intense flavour.

Some vapours prefer their liquid oxidising, as this process can also be called steeping. Steeping is a process that involves leaving the juice to sit without the cap on to let oxygen in, which then starts to oxidise the liquid, which, as mentioned before, can increase the flavour intensity of some flavours.

Is Oxidized Vape Juice Bad For You?

The simple answer is no, but there is something you need to be aware of; if a vape juice has begun to oxidise and started to change to a darker colour inside of the bottle, then this is still perfectly fine to vape as long as it is not excessively old and preferably not passed it's best before date that is in most cases printed on the side or bottom of the bottle.

You will notice that when purchasing a juice containing a high nicotine amount like 18mg, for example, the oxidisation process will happen a lot faster, and you may even find that the liquid has already started to turn dark when you purchase the juice.

With correct storage, it is possible to slow down the oxidisation process, although not likely to altogether avoid it due to its use.

As long as the juice has not passed the expiry date, the liquid will still be perfectly fine to use, but please bear in mind that if your juice no longer tastes the same or does not give you the same amount of satisfaction it once did, then this liquid could have passed it's best before date and may not be okay for further use.

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