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How Do You Mix E-Liquid Concentrate?

Published 10 August 2022, Updated 9 April 2024

How Do You Mix E-Liquid Concentrate?

How Do You Mix E-liquid Concentrate?

If you want to create your own e-liquid mix, you will need a set of ingredients and a few tools to assist the process. This guide will tell you step-by-step how to mix DIY e-liquid. This is based on mixing 50ml of 70VG/30PG at 3 mg e-liquid.
Vegetable glycerin
Propylene glycol
Nicotine shots
Flavour concentrates
Mixing beaker
50ml Empty bottle

  1. Make sure you are wearing gloves and are in a sanitary environment.
  1. Add 10ml of flavour concentrate suspended in PG into the beaker.
  1. Add 5ml of PG
  1. Then add 26.67ml of VG
  1. Lastly, add 8.33ml of nicotine suspended in PG
  1. Mix and transfer into the empty 50ml bottle
  1. Leave to steep for around seven days

Can You Make Your Own Nicotine-Free Vape Juice?
Mixing your own nicotine-free e-liquid is entirely possible; the method is the same as creating any vape juice minus the added nicotine. Choosing a ratio suited to you and using VG, PG and flavouring to create your nicotine-free base.

  • Empty bottle (50ml)
  • Something to mix your ingredients in (a beaker)
  • Syringe (with measurements)
  • Propylene glycol
  • Vegetable glycerin
  • Flavour concentrates
  1. Prepare your surrounding, making sure you're in a clean environment.
  1. Add 12.5ml of PG into your mixing bowl
  1. Add 35ml of VG
  1. Then add 2.5ml of your chosen flavour concentrate
  1. Lastly, mix and empty into your bottle
  1. You can vape the juice straight away or leave it to steep for a period of time to intensify the flavour

Let's get started, and you'll be mixing your own liquids in no time! But be careful as only advanced vapers should attempt to mix their own e-liquids.


To work out different ratios of VG/PG and different nicotine strengths, there are several calculators online that will guide you in using the correct formulas. Here are some examples of popular mixes;

80VG/20PG (3mg) with added flavour -

VG - 31.6ml

PG - 5ml

Nicotine (PG) - 8.33ml

Flavour (PG) - 5ml

50VG/50PG (6mg) with added flavour -

VG - 25ml

PG - 3.33ml

Nicotine (PG) - 16.67ml

Flavour (PG) - 5ml

You'll need a set of tools and ingredients that contribute to creating your vape juice; this formula will be based on creating a 70VG/30PG 0mg juice;




Here are some more examples of ratios you're able to mix to create your desired nicotine-free e-liquid;

80VG/20PG (0mg) with added flavour -

VG - 40ml

PG - 7.5ml

Flavour (PG) - 2.5ml

50VG/50PG (0mg) with added flavour -

VG - 25ml

PG - 22.5ml

Flavour (PG) - 2.5ml

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