Can You Leave Juice In Vape?

Published July 25th 2022
Here's everything you need to know about leaving e-liquid in your vaping device.

Can You Leave Juice In Vape?

Yes, but not forever; it is OK to leave juice inside of a vape if you're not using it for a short period, but please bear in mind that over a long period, it is being subjected to the elements that can affect the quality of your juice.

Your eliquid may become a darker colour due to oxidisation and may have changed flavour slightly. This could be down to the liquid being past its expiry date or the device holding the juice has not been stored correctly, which can result in the device not working properly or, in some cases, damage the tank or device.

Another thing to consider when leaving your juice in a vape is the environment in which it is being stored; it is recommended not to store your vape anywhere where it may be too warm or exposed to excessive sunlight or UV rays. It is recommended to keep your vape stored in a cool, dry area.

If you are someone who vapes frequently and enjoys changing flavours often, then you will more than likely have multiple tanks with multiple different juices inside; if these juices are left unused for an extended period, they will no longer be enjoyable to vape as they may have oxidised or not been stored properly.

How Long Can You Keep Vape Juice In A Vape?

As long as the vape juice you have chosen to go for is still in date, you can leave your juice inside a vape for several weeks.

Please bear in mind that if you have not stored the vape correctly in a cool, dry place, this can cause the juice to oxidise, resulting in the liquid going a much darker colour and will begin to taste different to how it once did. In other words, your juice is no longer enjoyable to vape so pay attention to the colour of the liquid and the way you are storing the tank or device containing juice.

How Long Do You Let Vape Juice Sit?

You can leave your vape juice to sit for as long as you like if the liquid has not changed drastically in colour or flavour. It is still good to use as long as it has not passed the expiry date, but if your juice is not stored correctly, it can drastically shorten its lifespan.

This can differ depending on whether you have store-bought or homemade vape juice. Store-bought juices can be left to sit around until they reach the best before date that will be printed on most bottles of e-liquid; some liquids may be suitable to vape for a short period after they've passed that date. Still, if it begins to taste or look different, it may have turned oxidised.

If you make your juices at home, how long you can let them sit depends on the person making the juice. When making homemade liquids, there is a process called steeping, which involves leaving the bottle of juice to sit with the lid off for a while, and this can significantly affect how strong and flavourful the juice can be.

To make sure you are getting the most life possible out of your vape juice, make sure that it is stored in a cool, dry place, and the bottle lid is always screwed on fully after each refill.

Can I Leave Juice In My Vape Overnight?

Yes, as long as your liquid is still within its best before date and has been stored correctly, leaving the juice in your vape overnight is not an issue.

Some tips to help make sure the juice in your vape stays fine to vape after being left in a tank overnight are to ensure that the vaping device has been kept upright, close the airflow holes if possible to stop possible leakages and keep your device stored in a cool, dry place.

The only negative result of doing this is that there is a slight possibility of your juice leaking through the coil in the vape and leaking out of the device, which can be messy and a waste of juice.

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