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What Is Pulse Mode Vape?

Published 12 August 2022, Updated 10 April 2024

What Is Pulse Mode Vape?

What Is Pulse Mode Vape?

Pulse mode is one of the advanced vaping modes on sub-ohm kits. In pulse mode, your vape will continuously give you a hit throughout your puff whilst holding down the fire button.

Pulse mode has been designed to keep the performance of your vape consistent throughout the whole puff. You will notice no drop-off throughout your inhale. Hence the Name 'Pulse' this mode will deliver power in pulses to give your coil and vape mod time to adjust the power and temperature of your coil.

Pulse mode works by constantly cutting off and repeatedly sending current to the coil, which controls the output of your vape machine. Pulse mode provides a continuous hit every 0.02 seconds, which is too quick to detect and results in better flavours and clouds with every puff to get the most out of your vaping experience.

Pulse mode is an innovative design first created by the vaping giant Vaporesso. Pulse mode works excellent with sub-ohm devices and low-resistance coils.

What Is TC NI Mode Vape?

Temperature control (TC) is a mode that supports Nickel (NI) coils. Temperature control allows you to set specific temperatures for your mod to vaporise your e-liquid, depending on the materials used.

Temperature control (TC) mode is a widely available feature on many vape kits you see in the market today. They are predominantly used in sub-ohm kits with other vaping modes, such as bypass mode and variable wattage.

It is essential to set the correct temperature depending on the material used. Nickel (NI) coils' temperature values will be different from titanium and Stainless steel. When you set the temperature of your vape device, your mod will adjust the power output resulting in a steady coil temperature. Temperature control has been brought in to improve your vaping experience as it prevents dry hits and burning coils.

What Is TCR Mode On A Mod?

The temperature coefficient of resistance (TCR) is found on mod devices. The TCR is a value used in relation to the type of coil material used, which helps determine the optimum temperature for vaping. This is expressed as PPM/°C (Parts per million per degree centigrade).

Vape companies are using TCR mode technology to ensure your safety and avoid running into dangerous problems. TCR mode comes into play when you use different material-grade coils. Your vape mod, in most cases, already comes with preset TCR settings. However, if you decide to use other types of materials, then you may have to manually change this to create the perfect condition for your vape. Coils are made of metals, each metal having its own heating point. This is the temperature needed to be able to heat your atomiser to vaporise the e-liquid.

Your vape mod may come preset for Stainless steel (SS 304); however, using Nickel or Titanium steel grades will have different TCR values, which need to be changed. To find your TCR values for the specific material grade being used, you will actively have to search for these setting values.

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