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Top 5 E-Liquids By Dr Vapes

Published 25 April 2019, Updated 8 April 2024

Top 5 E-Liquids By Dr Vapes

As part of our huge vape juice collection, IndeJuice is proud to offer the entire Dr Vapes collection. Take a look at our top 5 Dr Vapes e-liquids below and give them a try! 


1. Blue Panther

Our absolute best seller at IndeJuice, Blue Panther, is part of the Panther Series and is a sensational blue raspberry slush flavour. This juice is perfect for a summer day with its bold slushie exterior that encapsulates a fresh and fragrant blue raspberry to tingle the tongue.

It reminds us most of a cinema slush puppy that you would tantalise over as a child. In the same way, you will be equally as sad when this one runs out!

Check out the full range of Dr Vape's Nic salts and shortfill e-liquids, ready to use with your starter vape kit or sub-ohm device.


 Shop Blue Panther by Dr Vapes

2. Emerald

Emerald is part of the Gems collection by Dr Vapes. This one is a Citrus medley of freshly cut Lemon and zesty Limes with an Icy chill aftertaste. It’s soft on the inhale and leaves a beautiful fresh taste on the exhale.

This is a remarkable vape juice for the summer months and will keep you smiling whilst enjoying the afternoon sun.

Shop Emerald by Dr Vapes

3. Pink Panther Ice

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you would have seen the immense chaos that this vape juice has created all over Instagram as part of the Dr Vapes shortfill Panther series.

Once you taste it, you will see why this juicy blackcurrant e-Liquid with a hint of cotton candy and a splash of icy freshness is all the rage!

It’s very difficult to create an e-Juice that combines fresh icy fruits with candy that does not overpower it. But this vape juice is the exception.

The cotton candy creates a thin layer of sweetness around the otherwise rich blackcurrant and paves the way for a beautiful icy inhale that keeps you cool.

An incredible e-Liquid wrapped in a timeless label that many argue is the best vape juice in the UK right now.

Shop Pink Panther Ice by Dr Vapes

4. Purple Panther

Most comparable to Nasty Juice’s ASAP Grape vape juice, this e-Liquid takes grape drinks to another level.

By mixing green, red and juicy dark grapes, Dr Vapes e-Liquid has created a rich and elegant flavour that keeps you intrigued as you work harder to figure out the secret sauce.

This is most comparable to taking all of the above grapes and blending them at high speed with a dash of soda water at the end.

This is definitely one for the experienced vaper and is a must for those who want to challenge their palate. Purple Panther is available in both Dr Vape's Purple Panther Shortfills and Purple Panther Nic salts.

Shop Purple Panther by Dr Vapes

5. Pink Colada

Another of the best-selling vape juices here at IndeJuice, Pink Colada shortfill e-liquid by Dr Vapes, brings together this exotic tropical e-liquid. Blackcurrant juice garnished with a slice of tangy pineapple and a touch of rich coconut cream. The pineapple here is fresh, sweet and juicy rather than ripe, aged and rich. Its lightness is perfect for the summertime and is a staff favourite right after lunchtime when settling in for the evening stretch or on the weekend with sunglasses on.

This gorgeous tropical e-liquid is part of the Pink Series and is available in 50ml shortfills and Dr Vape's Pink Series Nic Salts.


 Shop Pink Colada by Dr Vapes
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