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Are No Nicotine Vapes Safe?

Published 9 March 2023, Updated 10 April 2024

Are No Nicotine Vapes Safe?

Are no nicotine vapes safe? This is a big question circling online forums and today, we’re going to explore the topic in great detail to help you find out once and for all.

Compared to nicotine-based vape products, nicotine-free vape is less harmful. However, there can be risks associated with using no-nicotine vape to be aware of. For example, using low-grade vape juices or pens can lead to exposure to dangerous hazards such as battery explosion or allergic reactions.

The good news? All this can be avoided by shopping smart and sticking with a reputable vape supplier you can trust. In this article, we dive into the depths of no-nicotine vapes, the harmful effects to be aware of, how to avoid untrustworthy brands - and where to find a trustworthy brand. First things first - what exactly are these?

What Exactly are Nicotine-Free Vapes?

Before we answer the question - are nicotine-free vapes safe - let’s first explain precisely what nicotine-free vapes are.

A vape is a device that heats a solution to form a vapor inhaled through the apparatus. For a nicotine-free vape, the solution will combine glycerin, propylene glycol, and other ingredients that vary depending on the brand.

Many people use nicotine-free vapes to help quit nicotine. Though it is not an entirely “healthy” choice still, it is less harmful than if you were smoking cigarettes by about 95%. And, it’s much less harmful than even vaping with nicotine. Therefore, this is often a more desirable choice for smokers looking to decrease harm to their bodies and take the next big step in ceasing smoking tobacco and nicotine products for good.

Are No Nicotine Vapes Safe, Though?

So - are nicotine-free vapes safe? It depends on who you ask and what exactly you’re concerned about as it pertains to safety. In our blog, we’ve got dedicated posts educating and answering questions on vaping, including are disposable vapes harmful? Or are disposable vapes worse for you than other vaping devices or tobacco products? Or does vaping affect muscle growth?

There are harmful effects of vaping a disposable vape, but compared to smoking cigarettes, it is the less harmful choice. And it’s important to note the brand you’re buying from, as not all businesses are dedicated to using high-quality ingredients for their vaping products. This can result in additional health issues thanks to low-quality e-liquids or vapes made from cheap ingredients.

A trusted source or brand dedicated to using premium ingredients for their vapes, like IndeJuice, is the safer choice so that you’re guaranteed 0% nicotine vapes and clean products for your nicotine-free vape.

How Safe are Vapes Without Nicotine?

So, how safe are vapes without nicotine? At the end of the day, vaping is not recommended, but if you’re looking to use vaping to quit smoking, the nicotine-free vape can act as an in-between step to ceasing nicotine use for good. However, there can be risks associated with vaping that to consider, and below, we detail what to look out for to stay safe vaping!

Quality of the Vaping Device

When it comes to how safe are vapes without nicotine, the quality of the vaping device plays a huge role. If the vaping device is low-quality, it can cause excess e-liquid to enter your mouth. This is due to the vaping liquid flooding the coil and leaking out of the mouthpiece. As a deterrent to buying a poor-quality vape, here is what happens if you swallow vape juice.

The taste can be horrible to experience, and though a little won’t do much damage, it is unadvised to swallow vape juice. If any side effects show, like nausea or dizziness, please seek medical assistance immediately.

Ingredients in the e-Liquid

Is vaping without nicotine safe? It is safer than nicotine-based products or vaping juice but still has harmful repercussions with its use.

The ingredients in the e-liquid are another determiner of the safety of the nicotine-free vape. Most nicotine-free vape juices have propylene glycol, water, and vegetable glycerine as the base liquid. Depending on the brand, flavors or other additives might be included in the e-liquid.

It’s important to research the brand and the ingredients in the vape juice to avoid any hidden ingredients or potential health concerns.

Battery Safety

There are some battery safety factors to consider with a nicotine-free vape. For example, can disposable vapes explode, and do disposable vapes expire?

Compared to non-disposable vaping pens, a disposable pen has an expiration on its battery life. A non-disposable and disposable vape uses lithium-ion batteries to heat the coil and convert the vape juice into a vapor. Using a cheap or poorly designed vaping pen, disposable or not, can raise the risk of potential injury from vape explosions or fires. Regulated vape pens require a smart chip to prevent these risks. Therefore, another vital reason we recommend buying a great quality vaping pen is to reduce safety hazards.

User Behavior

Is vaping without nicotine safe? A nicotine-free vape is less harmful than smoking cigarettes or nicotine-based e-liquid. The user’s behavior can dictate whether harm is reduced or increased to deter heavy nicotine and tobacco use. Many wishing to quit smoking may replace smoking with excessive vaping, which can be harmful as vaping juice has its own harmful effects.

Potential Health Issues With Non-Nicotine Vapes Purchased From Unreputable Sellers

What are the potential health issues with non-nicotine vapes that can come from unreputable sellers? Learn more about what to watch out for, from lung damage to allergic reactions!

Lung Damage

Regarding health issues with non-nicotine vapes, lung damage can occur from using nicotine-free vape juice. The inhalation or ingestion of non-nicotine vapes may be free of nicotine but still contain harmful chemicals that can damage the body. Vaping irritates the vaper's mouth, throat, lips, and lungs, which can escalate to more severe issues such as inflammation, shortness of breath, or infection in the lungs.

Allergic Reactions

One of the most common causes of allergic reactions is propylene glycol (PG) in vape juice, which is frequently used as a base for the liquid. Symptoms can range from an itchy throat and headaches to nausea or swelling. In cases such as this, a vape juice that uses only vegetable glycerin (VG) for the base of the liquid is recommended. Sometimes, the allergic reaction is the opposite, caused by vegetable glycerin rather than propylene glycol.

Of course, some brands will not be honest about what their product contains and use hidden ingredients in the vape juice. In such a circumstance, this can cause an allergic reaction out of nowhere for some individuals because their allergic sensitivity can’t be avoided due to the lack of truthful labeling. Leaning toward a reputable, high-quality brand that is honest about its product and its ingredients can help you prevent this concern.

Exposure to Heavy Metals and Other Chemicals

As discussed briefly, nicotine-free vapes from unreputable sources can contain toxic chemicals and heavy metals, such as nickel, arsenic, lead, and chromium. Exposure to these ingredients is toxic and harmful to the body, raising the risk of lung tissue damage, cancer, or other deadly diseases.

Battery Explosions

Brands that sell poorly designed and cheap-quality nicotine-free vapes are more likely at risk of battery explosions. Unfortunately, compared to regulated vape pens, which require a smart chip to prevent the possibility, cheap vaping pens do not have this roadblock to stop this safety hazard from occurring.

Tips for Staying Safe With Nicotine-Free Vapes

There are tips for staying safe with nicotine-free vapes. One of the biggest is buying from a reputable, high-quality brand like IndeJuice. And below, we’ll discuss other informative tips to prevent safety hazards!

Carefully Consider Where You’re Shopping

Buying from a clean and reputed brand that guarantees honesty and high-quality product design is the most significant step you can take toward your safety by using nicotine-free vapes.

The best online vape shop in the UK, IndeJuice presents top-notch disposable vapes and premium vape juice. Our disposable vapes have a long battery life without the need for charging, so you can get the best value for your money. Furthermore, each disposable vape pen bought is pre-charged to start enjoying our wide range of flavors. Our vape juice varieties come in various flavors, brands, strengths, sizes, and VG/PG ratios to suit your tastes!

At IndeJuice, our no nicotine disposable vapes, low nicotine vapes, and nicotine free Elf Bar are excellent choices for those looking to wean off nicotine products like cigarettes and smokeless tobacco. These low or no-nicotine vape options can be paired with premium-grade quality flavors, including Blueberry Sour Raspberry, and Pink Lemonade. We also offer choices of the biggest brands for vape pens with options for Elf Bar, Power Bar, Geek Bar, and more!

Avoid Overheating

Vaping pens are at risk of overheating, which can damage your pen or, in more severe cases, battery explosion or fire. Be mindful of how you store your vape and avoid moisture - which means don’t store your vaping pen in the bathroom, sauna, or car, as this can raise the risk of the battery overheating!

Store Safely

Don’t store your vape in your car, as this can lead to exposure to extreme weather conditions. In more severe cases, this can lead to the battery overheating, which can lead to it catching fire or exploding. Other issues include expanding, melting, warping, or the vape pen ceasing function.

Keep Away From Children or Pets

As vaping is not generally safe for humans, this is especially so for children and pets. Keep the vape device away by safely storing it in a secure place. Exposure is also dangerous for children and pets, raising the risk of vaping poisoning and respiratory problems that can be fatal.

To avoid these danger concerns, vape in a separate area away from children and pets. It is recommended to vape outdoors to prevent the toxins from entering the air stream and affecting your pet or child.

Listen to Your Body

If your body is reacting negatively to nicotine-free vape, cease immediately. Symptoms such as wheezing, nausea, dizziness, or allergic reactions can occur in less severe cases. However, in more serious situations, exposure to vaping juice can lead to heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes.

Are Nicotine Free Vapes Safe? Wrapping Things Up

So are no nicotine vapes safe? Less harmful than nicotine-based products like nicotine-containing vape and cigarettes, nicotine-free vape is still unsafe for the body. However, there are safer methods to vaping to prevent battery explosions and overheating by purchasing from a brand you can trust - IndeJuice!

Our brand is the best of the best, featuring premium-grade products, vape juices, and a broad range of flavors and brands to choose from. If you want to quit smoking, our nicotine-free vape can be helpful for weaning off cigarettes.

Quit smoking for good with IndeJuice’s nicotine-free vapes!

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