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Is XROS 2 Good?

Published 23 January 2023, Updated 9 April 2024

Is XROS 2 Good?

Is XROS 2 Good?

The XROS 2 pod kit from Vaporesso has slowly become one of the market's most reliable and easy-to-use vape devices. This is mainly due to the XROS 2 device's user-friendly interface and reliable pod system. You shall experience an incredible amount of flavour.

Easy To Use

One factor about the Vaporesso XROS 2 that stands out is its user-friendly interface and ease of use. The XROS 2 is a small and sleek device that houses a removable pod system, a USB type C charging port and a cable; the XROS 2 also has one button on the device, which is used to turn the device on/off to change the power mode and to fire the device.

Auto Draw Technology

Due to its auto-draw technology, the device can be vaped without pressing a fire button. This means that you can inhale on the device without pressing anything to produce a flavourful cloud of vapour.

XROS 2 Pod System

The XROS 2 is a straightforward pod system that is extremely easy to replace, dispose of, and attach to a new pod. Ensure the new pod has been filled correctly using the filling hole on the pod's side, and make sure you prime the pod.

Pod Variants

The Vaporesson XROS 2 currently has five Pod variants to fit inside the Vaporesso XROS 2; 1 Ohm, 1.2 Ohm, 0.8 Ohm and 0.6 ohms. All five pods will allow the device to be vaped in different styles, such as mouth-to-lung (MTL), direct-to-lung (DTL) or something just in the middle, which can be controlled using the adjustable airflow slider. 

1.2 Ohm Pod (Better for MTL)

The 1.2 Ohm pod for the Vaporesso Xros 2 is best suited for anyone who prefers a much tighter draw and slightly harsher sensation when inhaling, as this pod is best to be used with e-liquids with a consistency of 50 VG/50 PG or high PG, these are usually found in much higher nicotine strengths such as nic salts.

0.6 Ohm Pod (Better for DTL)

The 0.6 Ohm pod for the Vaporesso XROS 2 can be vaped at higher wattages, meaning that this pod is best suited for anyone using e-liquids with a high VG. This pod will allow the user to produce thicker clouds of vapour and experience a more intense flavour from their e-liquid. Best suited for freebase e-liquids.

Additional Features

The XROS 2 houses a reasonably sized 1000mAh battery, which is a decent-sized battery life for a device of this size. This is another reason why the XROS 2 is highly reliable. The disposable pods attached to the XROS 2 are 2ml in size to comply with TPD regulations currently in force in the UK.

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