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Does XROS 2 Leak?

Published 23 January 2023, Updated 10 April 2024

Does XROS 2 Leak?

Does XROS 2 Leak?


The Vaporesso XROS 2 pod system stands out thanks to its clever top-filling system, which can help prevent the possibility of leaking. Still, if you are not using the correct e-liquids or if you are not using the XROS 2 in moderation, there can be too much air pressure when vaping, leading to leakages.

Reasons For Leaking?

In some rare cases, you may notice that the Vaporesso XROS 2 is leaking slightly, usually around the pod and on top of the battery. There are multiple reasons why this can happen; we shall explain these in detail now.

Burnt Out Coil

One of the main reasons for the XROS 2 pod vape to begin leaking would be that the coil inside has burnt out; this can happen after the pod has been used for a significant amount of time and will eventually need replacing, usually after around 10-20 days of use. You may be using the incorrect type of liquids in the pod, causing it to burn out faster than usual or leak through the coil inside. Lastly, how you vape can cause the pod to burn out; if you are vaping quite heavily, you will be overworking the pod and causing it to burn out faster.

Damaged/Cracked Pod

In sporadic cases, you may find that your Vaporesso XROS 2 has leaked after making sure you are doing everything correctly; this can be due to the plastic pod itself being damaged, whether the tank is cracked, split or warped in heat, all 3 of these reasons can and will cause slight leaking. The only fix for this is to replace the entire pod.

Vaping Style

Another unusual factor to consider if you have noticed your XROS 2 vape kit leaking is how you vape. If you are a heavy user of the XROS 2, the constant use would eventually result in a burnt-out coil, leading to leaking. If you are also inhaling very hard on the XROS 2 pod, you may find that you can occasionally get a small amount of spit back from the e-liquid due to inhaling too deep, and if this is not cleaned correctly, it can result in leaking.


If you have been using the Vaporesso XROS 2 in cold weather, small amounts of condensation can appear on your pod and the top of the battery, which can easily be mistaken for leaks. If you find this on your XROS 2, it is recommended to remove any residue using a cotton swab or paper towel.

Excess e-liquid

One of the most common reasons for the XROS 2 to leak slightly is that the pod may be covered in excess e-liquid that will leak through the airflow vent if not cleaned thoroughly.

For more information, check out our guide on Can You Use Nic Salts In The Xros 2.

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