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Do Nic Salts Give You A Buzz?

Published 28 July 2022, Updated 10 April 2024

Do Nic Salts Give You A Buzz?

Do Nic Salts Give You A Buzz?

Nic Salts were brought into the market to give you a nicotine buzz similar to a traditional cigarette.

Salt nic uses nicotine from tobacco plant leaves. With the addition of Benzoic Acid, lowering the PH of e-liquid, it is absorbed into the bloodstream far quicker than any other e-liquid, resulting in nicotine reaching your brain much faster to give you what is commonly referred to as a 'nicotine buzz'.

Nicotine Salts allow you to vape at higher nicotine strengths without that rough hit you experience with other types of e-liquid such as freebase nicotine. You can experience a smooth throat hit with intense flavours even when vaping a 20mg nicotine salt to satisfy your nicotine cravings.

20mg nicotine strength primarily focuses on heavy smokers and is a great alternative to help you quit smoking cigarettes. If you don't vape too often, then 10mg nicotine strength may be your best option. Nicotine Salts contain higher doses of nicotine than freebase e-liquids, and you can find nicotine salts as low as 3mg going up to 20mg in a 10ml bottle.

Nicotine salts are for mouth-to-lung vaping and are best used with low-wattage devices or pod systems. Nicotine salts are also used in disposable pod kits and pre-filled pod systems due to being vaped at lower temperatures.

Due to Nic salts having lower alkalinity than freebase nicotine, you will be able to handle the high nicotine levels and experience a much smoother throat hit with great flavour. Although freebase nicotine still gives you a buzz, vaping nicotine salts will offer a better experience at those with higher nicotine strengths.

Why Is Salt NIC So Strong?

Nic Salts are easily vaporised, absorbed into the bloodstream quickly and come in higher nicotine strengths. This makes them feel much stronger than regular freebase nicotine.

Nicotine salt e-liquid is the strongest e-liquid type, with a maximum legal limit of 20mg. Nicotine salts are made with the addition of benzoic acid, which lowers the PH, making it less alkaline. This results in the e-liquid being far smoother at higher nicotine strengths when compared to freebase nicotine, which would result in a rough throat hit due to its high alkalinity.

If you're looking for a 20mg nic salt with a smooth throat hit, check out the large range of Bar Juice 5000 Nic Salts.

If you find your salt nicotine e-liquid too strong, we recommend lowering the nicotine concentration. Nic salts are readily available in 10mg and 20mg. However, there are now brands that have manufactured nicotine salts lower than 10mg. You can find nic salts in 3 and 5mg nicotine strength. Inhaling too much nicotine can cause dizziness, lightheadedness and a nauseous feeling; therefore is essential to get your nicotine levels right.

The nicotine in nicotine salts rushes to your brain much quicker than freebase nicotine, resulting in a 'nicotine hit'. Nic salts are easily vapourised at lower temperatures and enter the bloodstream much faster (around 6 seconds) than other forms of e-liquid. Nicotine salts are a great tool to stay away from cigarettes, and they can satisfy your nicotine cravings in a less harmful way.

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