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Can Elf Bars Be Fake?

Published 29 April 2022, Updated 9 April 2024

Can Elf Bars Be Fake?

Can Elf Bars Be Fake?

Yes, there are fake Elf Bars on the market. You can verify your Elf Bar on the Elf Bar website. IndeJuice is supplied with Elf Bars directly from the official Elf Bar manufacturer. Therefore, you will never be sold a fake Elf Bar.

Elf Bars are one of the most prominent vaping kit producers and sellers in the market, and they are highly sought after by vapers. However, this degree of public attention means that many counterfeiters now find it profitable to sell mockups of authentic products on the market for a cheaper price.

Elf bars have been sold with features like weak or dangerous batteries, leaky tanks, and non-approved e-liquid ingredients. This could lead to severe health consequences or even direct danger to the customer due to excessive nicotine levels within the e-liquid or the risk of corrosive damage from batteries that are not installed properly. Furthermore, the basic design of an Elf Bar makes it very easy to replicate, and it is possible that inferior design or components could make usage difficult.

If you're not careful, the risk is still quite high in the current market: recently, the UK has seized counterfeit Elf Bars containing excessive nicotine levels in their e-liquids. This means that consumers are now at risk if they cannot differentiate real from fake products.

Are Elf Bars Fake?

Elf Bars are not generally fake. However, there are many circulating the market. Make sure you purchase directly from a store that purchases directly from Elf Bar distributors.

Elf Bars sold by legitimate stores and retailers are very much real and have been approved by appropriate regulatory agencies. They can be found on platforms such as IndeJuice, which import directly from manufacturers and English distributors — furthermore, the Elf Bar is in fact a very reliable model if bought from the right seller. It has been said to meet the gold standard for e-cigs, and its high prices will buy you a quality that is rare amongst vape brands. Hence, we encourage you to go and find Elf Bars from the appropriate platforms.

You can read reviews online to ensure that the seller is reliable if you have any doubts about the legitimacy of the site or seller, we recommend steering clear from them.

How Can You Tell If Elf Bars Are Real?

You can verify your Elf Bar directly on Elf Bars website. Use the Authentication number on the Elf Bar.

You can tell a fake and a real Elf bar apart by looking at its packaging and comparing it with an authentic Elf bar. Typically, the logo and barcode for the counterfeit product would be bigger or smaller than the real ones. If you don’t have an authentic Elf bar on hand, you can look up pictures online to compare them.

An authentic Elf bar would have an EAN barcode on the side of the packaging with a holographic sticker which indicates its legitimacy. If you take a closer look, the holographic sticker on the Elf bar is quite intricate. Most importantly, you can enter the security code on the elf bar website to check the product's authenticity. It is essential that you purchase the real product as the counterfeits may contain dangerous liquids and are not regulated by authorities.

Ensure your Elf Bars are straight from the supplier with nicotine free and 20mg Elf Bars at IndeJuice.

For a deeper insight into disposables, read our article on how much nicotine is in an Elf Bar.

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29 April 2022

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