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How Can You Tell A Fake Elux Bar?

Published 17 May 2022, Updated 10 April 2024

How Can You Tell A Fake Elux Bar?

How Can You Tell A Fake Elux Bar?

A fake Elux Bar will be packaged very similarly to a real one. One of the most significant signs is that fake Elux bars you should look out for are the security stickers on the packaging — you can also use the information on the sticker to verify the product's authenticity on their website.


So, how do I check the sticker for signs of counterfeiting?

The Elux vape sticker should have a barcode and a series of numbers under it. An important thing to note is that this series of numbers is unique to your product. Simply go to the Elux Tech website and the numbers in the product verification box. This box is located at the bottom right-hand corner of the site. When you have inputted the numbers, the site will verify the authenticity of the product and there will be a popup telling you if the product is legitimate — it is that easy!

Another way to ensure that the product you have in your hands is genuine is the laminating on the box.

Manufacturers who produce good quality products aren’t afraid of sinking costs into better quality packaging that won’t damp or soften when exposed to moisture or shipping conditions. If you are used to buying real Elux Bars from trusted manufacturers, you will know how to spot this visually in an instant.

However, if the lighting isn’t too good or you’ve maybe forgotten how the originals look, you should still be able to feel for the laminate texture just by a quick rub. This is the easiest and most reliable way since Elux themselves is trying to improve their packaging in ways that distance them from their competitors.

The text on the box is also easy to tell fake from the original packaging. A few things to quickly lookout for are bad print quality — especially if you can’t make out the wording on the front of the box.

When you take the Elux out of the box, the logo and the text should be engraved on the device. You can run your fingers over it; you should feel the embossed texture. Most counterfeiters don’t bother embossing the product, which is a dead giveaway that it is fake.

If you have accidentally purchased a fake Elux, please throw it away immediately. You must only use authentic Elux products when you vape, as they have been regulated by authorities and are safe for consumption. There have been instances where counterfeiters use toxic liquids in vape juices to cut costs, causing many health issues in users that could have devastating consequences.

This is true for all vape products; you would not want to inhale toxic chemicals into your body! Additionally, fake Elux bars are also known to have foul-tasting, weak pulls, making for an incredibly unpleasant vaping experience compared to the real deal. It is best that you do your due diligence and purchase authentic vape devices and products not just for the experience but also for your health and safety!

Check out our blog what is inside an Elux for more information.

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