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How Much Does An Elux Bar Cost?

Published 29 April 2022, Updated 9 April 2024

How Much Does An Elux Bar Cost?

How Much Does An Elux Bar Cost?

The pricing for Elux Bars varies depending on the type of Elux Bar you would want to buy. The Elux 600 and KOKO is £4.99, whereas the Elux Legend mini is £5.99.

The Elux Legend Mini 600 is a fantastic disposable, making it easier to pocket and bring with you no matter where you go. Despite its chic and compact build, the Elux Legend Mini 600 is small and mighty! It is rated for 600 puffs and sports an integrated 500 mAh battery, which will help you get full usage out of every bit of e-liquid.

The Elux legend mini contains nic-salt e-liquid, which has 2% nicotine salt, making it perfect for those looking for a good but not overwhelming nicotine rush with every puff. The Elux Legend Mini 600 has a nicotine amount of roughly 48 cigarettes. They go for £5.99 per bar and are often found in bundle deals for greater savings.

The Elux KOKO 600 disposable has many of the same benefits as the Elux Bar 600 while also sporting an Air Flow System. This ensures a smoother and more pleasurable inhale with every puff. They are often found at £4.99 per bar and can also be found in bundles that provide great value.

The Elux Bar 600 disposable is rated highly and has two nicotine strength options; 10mg and 20mg. The Elux Bar 600 is priced at £4.99 for both strengths and is available in multi-buy deals to save you more money.

How much does an Elux bar cost?

The Elux Bar and Elux KOKO bar costs £4.99, whereas the Elux legend mini costs a little more at £5.99. These are all available in multi-buy deals.

The Elux Legend Mini 600 is a smaller variant of the Elux Legend 3500, offering 600 puffs and coming loaded with a 500 mAh battery. This makes it perfect as an on-the-go companion and can easily fit in a pocket or pouch, giving you the freedom to take a hit no matter where you are. It contains the same nic-salt e-liquid with two per cent nicotine salt, giving that classic Elux hit with every puff. They often sell for £5.99 per bar and can be found in bundles that offer great deals.

The Elux legend pro and Elux legend 3500 puff are illegal for sale in the UK.

The Elux KOKO 600 disposable is a great little device with an Air Flow system which gives a smooth and satisfying draw all the time. The Elux Koko 600 is sold at £4.99 at most carriers and can also be found in bundle deals.

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