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Are Elux Bars Rechargeable?

Published 29 April 2022, Updated 9 April 2024

Are Elux Bars Rechargeable?

Are Elux Bars Rechargeable?

No, the Elux Bar is not rechargeable.

The Elux Bar 600 is not rechargeable. The Elux Bar contains 600 puffs and has been designed as a closed system with no charging ports. Once you finish the disposable, you simply throw it away safely and purchase another.

However, there are Elux bars such as the Elux legend pro 3500 that can be recharged, but these are illegal for sale in the UK.

Is The Elux Legend Pro Rechargeable?

Yes, the Elux legend Pro is rechargeable.

Elux legends contain a 1500mAh battery, and to reduce the waste of using one-time-use batteries, while still having the small form factor by not running on commercial AA or AAA products, the battery has been designed to be able to be recharged, and that’s the only thing that you’ll need to do. However, the Elux legend Pro is illegal for sale in the UK.

The rechargeable battery will ensure that you’ll be able to fully puff the 10ml of e-liquid that comes included with the vape! Many non-Elux disposable vapes might suffer from problems where the liquid doesn’t exactly correspond to the battery capacity, so users may encounter that due to battery depletion in shipping and storage, they might not be getting the best value for their vape before throwing them away.

This is also important since many other vape manufacturers, especially disposable kits like the Elux Legend Pro, do not pack their kits with so much liquid. Another great idea that Elux has come up with on the Legend Pros is the adjustable airflow.

Make sure to play around with the airflow vent to achieve great cloud density and flavour to your liking!

Can You Charge Elux Legends?

No, you cannot charge Elux Legends!

The Elux Legends 3500 cannot be recharged. Most vapers average around 130 hits a day. However, the Elux Legend 3500 and Elux Legend pro 3500 puffs are illegal for sale in the UK.

However, you can charge the Elux Legend pro 3500. Both the Elux Legend and Elux Legend pro contains a 10ml e-liquid capacity and are 3500 puffs. The only difference is that the Elux Legend cannot be recharged, whilst the Elux legend pro can be recharged. Noth of these products are illegal for sale in the UK. This is because both contain nicotine in e-liquid greater than 2ml.

The Legend Pros also come with other groundbreaking features in the space of disposable vapes. It contains an Organic Cotton Wick, 10ml of 2% and 5% nicotine salt e-liquid, which equates to just around 3500 puffs, and interestingly, an adjustable airflow.

Although this is an MTL Vape Pen, Sub-ohm vape users might still find that the adjustable airflow gives them more control than usual over the cloud density.

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