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Are Lost Marys Rechargeable?

Published 20 May 2022, Updated 9 April 2024

Are Lost Marys Rechargeable?

Are Lost Marys Rechargeable?

Yes, The Lost Mary BM3500 and Lost Mary BM5000 are both rechargeables.

However, these models are illegal to sell in the UK. They exceed the 2ml maximum capacity brought in by the UK government under the Tobacco Product Directive. The Lost Mary BM3500 contains a 10ml e-liquid capacity with an inbuilt battery of 650mAh, whilst the BM5000 has a 14ml e-liquid capacity with an inbuilt battery 650mAh.

The Lost Mary BM3500 will provide up to 3500 puffs of 20mg (2%) nicotine salt concentration, the maximum legal concentration of nicotine strength allowable in the UK.

The Lost Mary BM5000 will provide up to 5000 puffs and is available in 20mg and 50mg nicotine strength. It is illegal for any vaping product to have more than 2% nicotine strength.

Designed and manufactured by Elf Bar, the Lost Mary disposable pod device has made the Lost Mary BM2500 and BM5000 for the American market.

The Lost Mary BM3500 and BM5000 are available in a wide variety of gorgeous blends, similar to the Lost Mary BM600 and Lost Mary AM600, which are legal for sale in the UK. However, they include different flavours, such as Sakura Grape and Triple Berries Ice.

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How Many Times Can You Recharge A Lost Mary?

The Lost Mary BM3500 can be charged up to 5 times.

The Lost Mary Bm5000 can be charged more times than the Bm3500. The BM5000 contains a 14ml e-liquid capacity, whereas the Lost Mary BM3500 has a 10ml e-liquid capacity. The internal battery of both these devices is 650mAh.

Please note that devices over 2ml e-liquid capacity are illegal for sale in the UK. This includes the Lost Mary BM3500 and BM5000.

The rechargeable device has a USB-C input built-in which allows you to recharge it when the battery gets low. USB-C input provides safe and quick charging so that you won't have too much downtime.

The Lost Mary BM600, legal for sale in the UK, contains a 2ml e-liquid capacity and 20mg nicotine strength and cannot be recharged. This Elf Bar Lost mary device is intended to be disposed of as soon as you have finished. The LED light at the bottom of the device will flash when it has run out of e-liquid or the battery has run out.

What Charger Does A Lost Mary Use?

The Lost Mary BM3500 and BM5000 use a USB-C charger.

The USB-C charge provides safe and quick charging for the device, which allows you to get back up and running in 20 minutes. The USB-C input is located at the bottom of the device for both devices.

You should use a 1amp charging source to charge the Lost Mary devices. You can also charge your Lost Mary device with a laptop, games console and any similar device, making things easy and convenient.

Please note that using a higher than 1amp charging source can be dangerous, and we strongly recommend not to do so if you come across one of these Illegal, non TPD compliant disposable vapes.

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