How Many Cigarettes Are In A Elux Bar?

Published April 29th 2022
In this article, we take a closer look at how many cigarettes are in the different types of Elux Bar disposable vapes.

How Many Cigarettes Are In An Elux Legend?

The Elux Legend 600 puff device is equivalent to 48 cigarettes.

Elux Legend makes many different disposable vape pens, from the Legend Mini, which averages 600 puffs, to the Legend Pros, with a rechargeable battery that can last up to 3500 puffs (which are illegal for sale). The e-liquid in the Legend Mini lasts between 1-3 days for a regular vape user.

However, with a vape, every time you inhale, you’re only inhaling 1/30 of a cigarette’s worth of nicotine. You can always stop at any point and keep the pen in your bag, so a casual vape smoker will be able to make the Elux bar last much longer.

The nicotine strength is 20mg for the Legend Mini and 600 puffs, equivalent to 48 strong cigarettes. This is a beautiful advantage of vaping. When you are smoking traditional cigarettes, you feel compelled to finish a stick at a time just because it is troublesome to put it back in.

An Elux legend mini is only 48 cigarettes in terms of nicotine, which is good since for heavy smokers trying to quit smoking, this is less than a day’s worth of nicotine spread out over at least 2 days.

Studies have shown that the removal of tar and other harmful substances has made e-cigarettes 95% less harmful than traditional cigarettes.

The Elux legend 3500 puff is equivalent to 280 cigarettes, while the Elux 1500 puff equals 120 cigarettes. Both of these are illegal as their e-liquid capacity is greater than 2ml, which contains nicotine.

How Many Cigarettes Are In A Elux Bar?

An Elux bar 600 puff device is equivalent to 48 cigarettes. Other Elux bars, such as the 1500 and 3500 puff devices, are equivalent to more cigarettes; however, these are illegal for sale in the UK, as the e-liquid capacity is greater than 2ml.

The Elux Bar is a 600 puff device, which contains pre-filled salt nicotine e-liquid, which will instantly satisfy your nicotine cravings.

Elux vapes are law-abiding, and regulation approved and have continued to sell well as an outlet for teens and working adults to relieve stress. This is accompanied by its highly useful benefit to quitting smoking. If you are a heavy smoker (categorised as someone who smokes more than 20 cigarettes a day), you will be able to cut your nicotine intake by a quarter if you switch to vaping instead.

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